1. GlobelFX: How To Recover Money From GlobeFX

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called GlobelFX, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, is a SCAM.

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The FCA has issued a warning on GlobelFX. Please read our comprehensive review to learn more.

GlobelFX asserts to provide traders with all the tools necessary for trading success. Far from it; Globel FX is just another scam that has been expertly packaged to look like the best trading platform. Members are currently experiencing difficulty trying to get their money back.

Following the blocking of all withdrawal efforts by As soon as regulators learned of the situation, the Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning. Our exciting GlobelFX REVIEW will tell you everything you need to know.

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An Overview of GlobelFX

On the about us page, GlobelFX asserts that it is a broker with a great trading environment. When you visit the website, it is almost impossible to use its obvious navigation. This is a result of the platform’s attempt to put everything on one page.

Pros and Cons of GlobelFX

The user experience is made forgettable by the dark theme. The platform’s aesthetics speak words. The individuals in charge have no prior forex trading experience. No forex trader would choose a website with a gloomy theme.

The portal also lacks a lot of information. There is no information available about their history or background. The platform wants us to purchase everything it is selling. That won’t happen since we have to read every page, thus we must do that.

After investigating the platform, we found some obvious problems that we must address. One of them must be the FCA has issued a warning to GlobelFX. Naturally, you must avoid such platforms after the regulator issues an alert.

The likelihood is that the site is duping its users. The trading site inevitably stops allowing withdrawals after initial deposits and trade. With exit scams, we have seen this occur far too frequently in the past.


You must determine why a platform best meets your trading demands in order to prevent such situations. These platforms typically cater to novice and inexperienced traders. The majority of them don’t care much about a platform because they are eager to trade.

Before committing money to a platform, experts advise doing some research on it. After that, you can get in touch with us and ask us to conduct a review on your behalf. The greatest approach to ensure safety when trading on online platforms is to do that.

The tiers and accounts GlobelFX

Anyone brave enough to try them out has three account kinds available from GlobelFX. These consist of VIP, Pro, and Classic. These accounts each offer a unique feature that the others don’t. There are also extra depository requirements for the accounts.

Let’s examine each of these three accounts in more detail;


The platform sets this for holders of traditional accounts who are novice traders. To begin, you must make a minimum deposit of $100. Spreads begin at 3.0 pip, and all assets have a 1:500 maximum leverage ratio.


Spreads begin at 2.5 pip, and a minimum deposit of $500 is permitted. The account that offers Swap-free features has no commissions. You get to trade with four different assets, including currencies and energy.


Investors must deposit $1,000 to open this account, which is the most exclusive. Spreads begin at 2.0 pip. All accounts have a 0.01 minimum lot size and an Islamic account option.

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Wallets GlobelFX

Account Details
The huge leverage of 1:500 with these accounts is one of the most obvious warning signs. Trading with such leverage carries a risk. Additionally, the platform may make commissions off member losses brought on by high leverage.

Regulators have developed policies to safeguard members in these situations. Additionally, leverage in Europe will be capped at 1:100. The maximum leverage available to retail traders in the United States is 1:50.

On these accounts, there isn’t even a demo account. Members must use a live account to test the features. The demo account will be infused with the available trading terminal by a professional trading platform.

That is untrue because the platform does not provide members with a safety net. Negative balance protection is not mentioned in connection with these accounts. We must therefore disclose the store’s shortcomings.

IB and affiliate programmes
To encourage as many users to register, the site provides an affiliate programme. The programme states that it offers a 25% commission. It may seem like the ideal technique to generate passive income, but that is not the case.

Since the platform doesn’t publish conversion data, you probably won’t be able to earn any income. The platform just wants to use your connections for its own gain. It needs to be exposed for breaking its promise.

People who you invite to the platform never actually withdraw money. As a result, investors accuse you of being a fault. As a result, we must expose the site and warn investors severely.

GlobelFX Monetary resources and trading tools

The website offers four different kinds of trading instruments. These include equities, indexes, currencies, and commodities. Energy, metals, and natural gas are a few commodities that can be traded.

The main activity on the platform is forex trading. Major and minor currency trading pairings are among the trading pairs. Exotic pairs, however, do not allow you to spread risks, which is a drawback.

Indices offer day traders a fantastic opportunity to disperse risks on a global scale. The DAX, Dow Jones, Nikkei, NASDAQ, and other indices are only a few to look for. These trading assets are some of the more relatable ones.

Finally, there is stock trading, which has existed for many years. Among the equities to look for are those of renowned manufacturing and tech firms. Amazon, Apple, and Google are a few of these.

Money is secure with GlobelFX. NO

Bonuses and prizes
To encourage more people to sign up, the site says it provides new members with a welcome incentive. Although it is a desirable characteristic, regulators are opposed to it. These websites will use the bonus to later keep your balance at ransom.


If you don’t pay the whole deposit amount, you won’t be able to withdraw any money. We must call out the platform for not providing useful trading possibilities. Avoid platforms that provide commissions and bonuses.

an entrepreneur
There is no information accessible about the platform’s owner or manager. Thus, GlobelFX qualifies as an anonymous investment platform. These platforms make it difficult for users to feel secure with their money.

Recovery agents are powerless to demand money from such organisations. Owners typically keep these funds in an offshore account as a result. We insist on avoiding trading companies that use anonymity because of this.

GlobelFX Contact and assistance

A platform with no contact information is not a reliable source for contact or support. The platform does not provide live chat support for users. We observe a platform failing to ensure members’ direct contact with employees.

With GlobelFX, deposits and funds are secure.

Your money is not secure because the platform doesn’t provide fund protection. If the platform fails, investors have no safety net to fall back on. These are the reasons why authorities warned strongly against Globel FX.

Licenses and Rules Warning from GlobelFX FCA

No trading laws are followed by GlobelFX. The software does not offer any legitimate paperwork to support compliance. The FCA has also issued a warning regarding consumption.

Our judgement on GlobelFX

Please avoid visiting

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