1. Handswift Trading: How To Recover Money From Handswift Trading

When choosing forex investment services, investors should choose with Handswift Trading. Stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and other assets can be profitable for traders as well. They guarantee expert-level services and assert that they are the best. Enjoy the leverage of 1:1000 and Pips starting at 0.1. Leverage yet still applies to unsuccessful outcomes.

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a hedge fund called Handswift Trading, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The FSMA also confirmed in their publication that  Handswift Trading is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  Handswift Trading is a SCAM.

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Handswift Trading

Review of Handswift Trading, a Trading Company

The markets for forex and cryptocurrencies are very competitive. Ineffective techniques provide unfavorable results. Scammers assert that they offer the best products and services. When you sign up expecting comparable returns, the results are shocking, and the opposite is also true. Handswift Trading operates in a manner identical to a fraudulent scheme.

This unbiased assessment of Handswift Trading draws attention to the apparent murkiness. You rethink your financial choices as a result of the warning signs. In the meantime, these trustworthy forex investing companies draw favorable trade experiences. You benefit from fair returns using a practical method, unlike Handswift Trading.

The FX and cryptocurrency markets are very cutthroat. Fraudsters frequently profit from market expansion. Handswift Trading projects returns that are too unlikely to draw in even well-known companies. Scammers frequently get consistent outcomes. Furthermore, there are no guarantees of success. Consequently, you run the risk of losing money when trading.

Review of handswift.com

Customers can access transparent investments through Handswift.com. Unknown algorithm is used by its program to differentiate itself from rivals. Like every other scammer, Handswift Trading guarantees quick investment executions and affordable investment. Scammers also promise excellent services. Due to the absence of emotional errors in trade direction, automated trading is preferred over human trading.

But using the incorrect tools will only waste your money. The incorrect tools are perfectly illustrated by Handswift Trading. The investment company lacks a stop-loss or other pertinent risk management tool.

Review of Swift Trading, Swift Trading Broker

Unsolved is the mystery of how it projects clients against losing deals. According to Hand Swift Trading, they devote hundreds of hours to training traders. Also, it’s unlikely that any experienced traders will waste time or money on the site.

In order to comprehend how markets operate, beginners need helpful academic tools. However, con artists frequently use primary data that may be obtained for free online. It is not suggested to invest if you are uneducated or lack market knowledge. Price patterns might alter as a result of factors including inflation and price movements. The cryptocurrency market goes through optimistic and bearish trends. With the right education, you can respond to the decline in the best way possible. The services that Handswift Trading guarantees traders are absurd.

Trading Accounts and Conditions for Handswift Trading

There are no available accounts with the company. Fraudsters frequently offer a variety of investment strategies. Given that there is no difference in the accounts, there is no incentive to invest more money. The software used by investment firms is neither dependable or compatible with MetaTrader for trading. You rely on the online trading platform. You might be subjected to nefarious assaults from third parties.

There is no evidence of trading activity at Handswift Trading. The absence of comparable data suggests that it is drawing unfavorable returns. It promises the top news and market research information. Additionally, the same data comes from unidentified, doubtful third parties. The market is extremely erratic; prices and market data hardly ever change. As a result, you risk depending on outdated data.

The investment circumstances of Handswift Trading are terrible. It asserts that the demands of the customer come first. More than 100 account managers are available to consumers of the investing company. Social trading is not the most effective method of investing. You won’t see the same results when trading as the account managers do from the trade directions.

How to Use Handswift.com

Handswift.com does not offer a sensible investing plan. There are many characteristics you see that scammers share. It is foolish to demand special treatment from con artists. It appears to produce enticing results. Fraudulent businesses, however, guarantee earnings that are impossible to achieve, even for well-known businesses.

As a result, you can get a bonus on your initial deposit of 100% or more. Even after finishing the required tasks, it is difficult to get the prize money. If you fall for the trap and invest money with con artists, think business is done. It results in your account or services not being accessible. It asserts to have a sizable following that benefits from it. No reliable evidence exists to support the same.

Handswift Trading does not just conceal operational openness. The founders and team members are unknown to the investment firm. It doesn’t provide any qualification information to demonstrate expertise. You could rely on information from those who hardly comprehend the market.

Fraudulent businesses emphasize confidentiality. While attempting to steal more money from trusting traders, it generates clone entities. Handswift Trading is identical to the majority of scan platforms. Your information is needed by the investing firm throughout the registration procedure.

Money Security

Handswift Trading makes no promises about the security of your money. You do it at your own risk if you invest even a single coin in the company. Any platform should place a high focus on financial security. The investment firm operates in an anonymous manner. Trusting unknown individuals also puts your money at risk. Personal information may end up in the wrong hands and encourage illegal activity.

Handswift Trading

Review of and Accounts for Handswift.com

Handswift Trading seems to serve the interests of its enigmatic operators solely. While you wait for unrealistic rewards, scammers store your money in personal accounts. There is no bank data available on Handswift Trading to demonstrate that money is secure. It does not offer a demo account so that users can practice using it before investing real money. There are many warning signs and unfavorable evaluations that you should not overlook.

Contribution and Withdrawal

Unknown is the minimum investment amount for Handswift Trading. Payments made through nonrefundable options are encouraged by fraudulent businesses. Both wire transfers and cryptocurrency transactions cannot be undone. For chargeback claims up to 540 days, the credit/debit option is the one to take into account.

There is no proof of a successful withdrawal by a trader at Handswift Trading. There isn’t a withdrawal policy to define equivalent phrases that you can find. As a result, fraudsters keep money for a very long time. It leads to the creation of schemes to steal your money. If you are unhappy with the investing firm’s services, you cannot get your money back under its refund policy.

Customer Service
The address for Handswift Trading is 12 Kensington Gardens, Ferryhill, DL17, USA, yet it turns out that the address has nothing to do with the business. The assistance day that is offered is uncertain. They are exclusively email-accessible. However, it’s possible that you will just get automated responses.

Once they have money, fraudulent businesses stop communicating. You should get a response right away, if not right away. Gaining more trust in the organization is facilitated by working with customer support. The investment company wants to offer a user-friendly interface that is difficult to provide without good customer service.

Handswift Trading’s compliance with regulations

Handswift Trading doesn’t offer any information on regulations. While claiming to provide investment services, it is stealing money from the public. In the majority of nations, it is forbidden to use public funds without according to strict rules.

These licensed forex investment companies, however, exhibit a great degree of transparency. With the help of responsible watchdogs, you can quickly locate and validate regulatory data. Companies that operate unchecked do not thrive in the marketplace. Fraudsters are unable to pay regulation fees. As a result, they soon find themselves in financial trouble. The investment company does not provide personal information. Additionally, the company’s unnamed founders run the possibility of being prosecuted for engaging in illicit activity.

Final Conclusion
Handswift is a dubious source for financial advice. The business just has your money in mind. No services that are worth your money are provided to you. The investment firm does have a trading-interface-like appearance. It’s wise to do extensive research and read reviews from reputable sources.

To recover your money from  Handswift Trading, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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