1. Hubblebit : How to recover money from Hubblebit

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In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints on a  hedge fund called Hubblebit, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim of stealing from investors. The FCA also confirmed in their publication that  Hubblebit is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, Hubblebit is a SCAM.

Zorya Capital provides international financial fraud investigative measures aimed at helping victims of financial scams recover their money. Zorya Capital was founded to protect and help victims of investment scams with the assistance of sophisticated asset recovery specialists globally.



Traders’ Views

Doing extensive research on the businesses and organisations you intend to donate the monies to is the first step in defending yourself against shady individuals online. There may probably already been other users of the service who have posted their comments and feedback online on various forums.


After doing some research on social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and online trading forums, a common thread of customers’ dissatisfaction with HubbleBit developed. According to this user feedback, HubbleBit does not seem to be a reliable broker, so extra caution should be exercised before making an investment using their brokerage platform.


There are many brokers out there who use fictitious company names or engage in other fraudulent activities. A little amount of prior investigation can go a long way toward safeguarding your finances and yourself.


Is HubbleBit authentic or a fraud?

Finding out about their certification should always be the first and most crucial step when looking for brokers to use for your trading operations (s). This will reveal whether HubbleBit is an offshore and/or unregulated firm or whether they are subject to centralized regulation.


When a broker is unregulated or is regulated by a body that is not in your country, you have little to no legal remedy if your money is stolen. If there is theft, complaints can only be filed if the broker has a license from the regulatory body in your country. The following are a few instances of regulatory bodies that provide brokerage licenses:


The Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus (CySEC)

Finance Conduct Authority (FCA)

Securities and Investments Commission of Australia (ASIC)

A broker should be avoided if they are unlicensed and cannot obtain a license from the regulatory body in your country. Even if the brokerage is regulated, it is advised to stay away from it if the regulator is based somewhere else.


How Do Trading Scams Online Operate?

One of the most common online trading scams is showing positive trades at first to deceive investors into believing they will make money quickly. Following the development of this confidence, the investor will be persuaded to invest more money in order to receive higher returns. Other rewards might also be offered to entice investors to invite their friends and family to use the site.


The brokerage will proceed to suspend the account and prevent the investor from accessing the funds until they have taken all available cash from the investor and those in his or her network.


In an effort to gain the trust of unwary investors, many dishonest businesses may even assert that they are based in a regulated area and show fictitious regulatory licenses and addresses on their websites.

Be cautious and check your information from several different sources. Sending money online should always be done with extreme caution.


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HubbleBit Scammed You?

Don’t get upset if you used HubbleBit and lost money. There have been others before you, and there probably will be more. Even the most diligent investors occasionally make mistakes, which should be viewed as a teaching opportunity.


Chargeback Is The Answer!

The good news is that assistance is accessible. The staff at Zorya Capital, a specialized company devoted to assisting customers recover money lost online, is available around-the-clock and has assisted customers recover millions of dollars.


In this endeavor, using a reliable firm like Zorya Capital is essential because a standard chargeback process may frequently be complicated and drawn out without the proper advice.

To recover your money from Hubblebit, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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