Lyndon Finance Limited

1. Lyndon Finance Limited: How To Recover Money From Lyndon Finance Limited

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called Lyndon Finance Limited, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, is a SCAM.

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Lyndon Finance Limited

The trading history of Lyndon Finance Limited is lacking. Even its times of genesis are faked by the platform to gain investors’ trust. They don’t give credit to the founders, account managers, or financial analysts. Be aware of covert investment firms that conduct business.

The beginning of Lyndon Finance Limited can be traced back to 1983. They assert that the organisation was founded by a group of experts. They prioritise their client’s needs. Since then, they have experienced great success. They used cutting-edge technologies to reach their main milestones in 2018 and beyond.

Review of Lyndon Finance Limited and the Lyndon Finance Limited Organization

However, the project makes no mention of already existing under a different name. When we looked up the entity on, we discovered it had been founded in October 2021. The person behind the business is unknown to us. The domain name is also anticipated to expire in a year.

The trading history of Lyndon Finance Limited is lacking. Even its times of genesis are faked by the platform to gain investors’ trust. They don’t give credit to the founders, account managers, or financial analysts. Be aware of covert investment firms that conduct business. You can’t pursue them after they leave the market.

Invest through reputable forex brokers. These are organisations that follow the law. Additionally, their trade terms are ethical and open. The withdrawal procedure is also quick. Review

According to Lyndon Finance Limited, the security of your money is a top priority. They keep consumer accounts separate from the company’s funds. It is a smart strategy that makes sure a broker doesn’t get their clients’ money. Additionally, investors’ funds are safe and they can obtain reimbursement if the investment scheme fails.

Unfortunately, the company shares the top banks with its partners. Citi Bank, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, UBSC, Deutsche Bank, and Citi. We can only infer that since this is an offshore firm, it is playing a bluff. To win the faith of their victims, they are fraudulently utilising the identities of renowned financial institutions.

Lyndon Finance Limited provides instruction in both basic and technical analysis. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to view the course materials. Some of these dishonest businesses will copy and paste the content that is already on search engines. Even new merchants are accepted there.

They make trading appear simple. The organisation asserts that you can copy-paste professional traders’ strategies. However, you should be aware that whenever the person you are imitating experiences losses, you will also meet the same end. Fraudulent businesses purposely cause you to lose so they may profit.

Lyndon Finance Limited’s Trading Policies

Five trading accounts are held by Lyndon Finance Limited. For the novice account, investors must deposit €250 in starting capital. Nine currency pairs and more than 25 trading tools are included. There is also a specialised account manager on hand. Investors will appreciate the fixed and floating spreads, as well as the three insured trades.

A deposit of €2,500 is accepted for the silver accounts. Four insured trades are allowed when trading on margin. Two different asset kinds and more than 50 instruments are available for trading. The investment account receives €5,000 in the capital. It has a loan company for trading in tiny lots. The account also has three different asset kinds, more than 200 trading instruments, and is insured.

The maximum deposit for the Premium Account is €100,000. Four different asset kinds and more than 250 trading tools are included. Ten insured word transactions and a 50% bonus are available to investors. Additionally, there are a number of trading signals and a mentor training programme for contract account insurance. The big plan, the Gold account, calls for capital of €500,000.

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It includes four different asset categories and 15 insured trades. It has a 70% bonus and corporate lending. Additionally, an account manager will be appointed. Also available to users is the broker’s reserve fund. Additionally offered is a personal analyst.

An online trading interface is offered by Lyndon Finance Limited. Even if the platform has great features, traders accustomed to the MetaTrader edition won’t accept anything less. Additionally, offshore schemes frequently use web traders to manipulate trading activities.

Lyndon Finance Limited Transfers and Deposits

Only debit and credit cards are purportedly accepted as payment methods by Lyndon Finance Limited. But it appears that none of these choices will work. In order to complete a transaction, you must speak with a corporation directly. It is a typical ruse employed by con artists. They can request that you set up a remote desktop on your PC.

They have access to your sensitive data and can steal it. The organisation might also be accepting payments through channels that prevent chargebacks from customers. Additionally, there is a commission fee of €20 for investors who withdraw less than €20.

Lyndon Finance Limited doesn’t give enough details on the withdrawal. Furthermore, by selecting them as your trade partner, you will put yourself in grave danger.

Contact information for customer service

The implied meaning in the corporate name The business is based in London. Our suspicions were confirmed because even the website’s address is local. Customers can contact Lyndon Finance Limited’s customer service by phone or email.

To continue to be effective, the scheme is disseminating fake information. Nobody is aware of the scheme’s precise location. Additionally, employing expert support is not a waste of money for offshore platforms. They just have one goal in mind: to cheat as many people as they can.

When they see that you are out of money, they will disconnect you. They will either disconnect their phone number or blacklist your number. The email won’t even be read.

Lyndon Finance Limited

A corporation that is transparent will prioritise its customers’ requirements. You may be sure that any issues you run with while trading will be fixed quickly. The group is also cordial and moral.

Status of Lyndon Finance Limited’s Regulation

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) database should contain information about Lyndon Finance Limited. Every firm operating out of the United Kingdom must be legitimate. A segregated account should hold 732 euros in capital. It makes the withdrawal process go more quickly.

It also demonstrates that a broker may continue to conduct trading operations despite market volatility without jeopardising traders’ funds. Additionally, the client will receive €85 000 in compensation in the event of insolvency. Customers benefit from excellent trade conditions and peace of mind.

Review of Lyndon Finance Limited and Features of Lyndon Finance Limited

A platform called Lyndon Finance Limited doesn’t submit its daily transactional report to the financial authority. As a result, they can manipulate the price to make it seem as though you are winning when in reality you are losing money.

Being an offshore platform, this one can leave the market abruptly without being discovered. According to the entity, Japanese law applies to it. Japanese brokers are not widely available on the market.

The Financial Future Association of Japan and the Japanese Financial Service Authority are the financial organisations in charge of regulating the activity of brokers. Their database does not contain the shady company.

Offshore businesses offer no benefits. Additionally, they never actually perform the trading that they simply advertise. Lyndon Finance Limited lacks a payment receipt. We have yet to come across anyone who has benefited from their system. While they still can, move on.

Final Conclusion on Lyndon Finance Limited

This horrible Ponzi fraud is called Lyndon Finance Limited. The broker is breaking the law by doing business. Never put your trust in a business that gives you a fake address for its headquarters. Furthermore, it is impossible to identify the scheme’s perpetrators. We are unable to confirm if the company is employing experts.

Instead of risking your money on a revealed scam, check out these reliable forex trading organisations. They also take carefully the security of investor money. Being confident that you are working with experts will bring you peace of mind.

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