1. Polinur: How To Recover Money From Polinur

Online investment company Polinur strives to make its clients profitable by up to 2.1% per day. As a result, the main worry is how it is able to produce results that are similar. Also, there is fierce competition in several trading segments. To assert consistent results, you need practical techniques. You might experience negative results when making investments in different marketplaces. As a result, consistent findings don’t exist.


In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a hedge fund called Polinur, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The FSMA also confirmed in their publication that  Polinur is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  Polinur is a SCAM.

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Review of the Polinur.me Company

There don’t appear to be any things you can buy from Polinur. Therefore, it is uncertain and doubtful how it accumulates daily returns. Moreover, we draw attention to any obvious warning flags as you read this unbiased evaluation of Polinur. You ultimately decide to reevaluate whatever investments you made in the company. There is no pertinent trading information on Polinur’s website. It makes no recommendations for a logical strategy and only estimates producing tremendous results.

There are no risk management tools in place on Polinur. It’s unclear how it does it, but trading seems to be a piece of cake. Scammers will promise you the best possible investment results. However, even in well-established businesses, the returns are not possible. These cryptocurrency investment companies are using tried-and-true methods in the meanwhile. Through a practical method, you can experience decent returns on your investment.

Review of Polinur.me

Polinur.me is excited to use cutting-edge technologies to provide significant results. Its software’s algorithm type, however, is not known. Additionally, you can find yourself investing in tools that will only lead to financial loss. In order to avoid non-emotional errors in trade direction, automated trading systems are preferred to people. Even so, it’s advisable to use caution while choosing equipment because doing so can have unfavorable effects.

All types of clients are intended to receive investment opportunities through Polinur. But it’s unlikely that any seasoned trader will squander time or money using the platform. It primarily preys on unsuspecting consumers who have little knowledge of how the market works. Polinur is lacking in providing you with the helpful academic assistance you need. It is not wise to invest without receiving a proper education about how to understand the market. Basic explanations of trade phrases are provided by con artists. As a result, similar data is freely available online.

No specific information about any financial products is provided by Polinur. Additionally, only the owners of investment firms are permitted to market and advertise their products. In lieu of any investment services, the investment prospect more closely resembles an MLM platform. Additionally, you need to invite individuals to the business so that you can receive a commission when they make deposits.


Account and Trading Terms for Polinur

There are no assets available for buy on Polinur. Additionally, it has three different accounts with daily accrual returns but no practical methodology. Additionally, there is no variance in its accounts to tempt you to add additional investment deposits.

Polinur Features and Review

The trading circumstances in Polinur are appalling. There is no proof that any trading operations have occurred. Additionally, it is likely to have unfavorable results, which would explain why analogous data is missing. It helps to know the trade history going back three months or more in order to predict the outcome. The investing company does not offer software that works with a practical platform like MetaTrader. Therefore, depending on a web trading platform puts you at risk of malicious assaults from third parties.

It looks that Polinur mostly focuses on affiliate marketing. You run the danger of spreading invitations that contain phishing attempts designed to steal personal information. Additionally, you might influence people to join shady businesses. As a result, it harms your reputation among friends and family.

The Workings of Polinur.me

Blockchain technology is allegedly being used by Polinur.me to create software for my divorce. Additionally, it anticipates offering gaming and Metaverse solutions in the future for a practical staff. Additionally, the individuals responsible for its functioning lack any qualification information. Therefore, demonstrating expertise in the field is not definite. You can find yourself depending on trading advice from those who are unfamiliar with how the market functions.

Like most con artists, Polinur conceals personal information. As a result, it produces clone entities with the intention of stealing more money from trusting clients. Polinur reveals various characteristics that scammers share. Therefore, assuming that con artists will treat you differently is ludicrous. Once it receives your payment, it will prevent you from using its services or accessing your account.

The finest affiliate partner is included in a variety of top tire levels by Polinur. The highest level involves a customer receiving a commission of up to 50%. Additionally, do not be misled by the extraordinary results of its traders. Scammers will invite you to seminars and meetings with individuals who have reportedly reaped significant financial benefits from the company’s services. Nevertheless, you come to believe that it is possible to make a lot of money overnight.

Additionally, it takes a lot of time and work before you see an affiliate investment’s benefits. Additionally, not every person you refer to the link with is likely to make a purchase from Polinur through which you will receive a commission. Customers can expect enticing bonuses of up to $500 from Polinur. Even after completing the required tasks, it is difficult to get the prize money. Consider your relationship with them finished after you fall for the trap and invest your money. You won’t be allowed to use its services or log into your account. Like the majority of affiliate investing companies, Polinur primarily rewards the owners and the first clients.

Client Comments

According to Polinur, its services are beneficial to a number of its clients. Since April 2022, the company has operated on the market. There is not enough time to boast about incredible success. Additionally, the blockchain industry is very competitive.

As a result, fake businesses use stock photos in place of testimonials. Even professional endorsements for Polinur are possible. On any medium, testimonials are highly appreciated. It would be better if you kept an eye out for any ambiguities it might be trying to bury.

Money Security

Polinur does not promise any kind of financial security. Your financial security should always be a top priority for any organization. Additionally, your money is invested in unidentified companies by anonymous investors. Your money is at stake if you rely on unsung heroes. Your information can end up in the wrong hands and be used for illegal purposes.

The investing company lacks proof of quick transactions by its clients. Therefore, the only people who are likely to profit from its services are the enigmatic figures that run it. While you wait for unidentified earnings, they might store your money in their personal accounts. The safety of your money cannot be guaranteed by Polinur based on bank information. Additionally, there is no demo account available to get a feel for this operation prior to spending real money.

Contribution and Withdrawal

The minimal investment with Polinur is $20. To make it seem legitimate, con artists will entice you with a modest investment need. The usage of non-refundable funding sources is nevertheless encouraged. Transactions using cryptocurrencies cannot be undone. For chargeback claims up to 540 days, it is therefore recommended to take the credit or debit option into account.

Regarding how long it takes to process withdrawals, Polinur is vague. Scam businesses also keep your money for a very long time. It eventually develops strategies to make your money vanish into thin air. Additionally, there is no refund procedure to regain your money if you are unhappy with the company’s services.

Customer Service

Polinur says it is headquartered in Hong Kong. In contrast, the company produces more traffic from Russia, where it likely bases its operation, according to detailed study. The company’s email address is accessible on its website. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your inquiry will be answered in any way.

After collecting your money, Polinur, like any other fake business, will probably stop communicating. Additionally, if not immediately, you ought to get a response to your question. Active customer service helps establish trust between you and the business. The investment company seeks to offer a user-friendly interface, which is difficult to achieve without good customer connections.

Final Conclusion

For investment objectives, Polinur is not practical. You cannot purchase any goods or assets from the company. To pay for returns, the company primarily uses money from other consumers. As a result, it is unable to pay returns to traders if clients fail to make a deposit.

To recover your money from Polinur, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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