1. VertexTraders: How To Recover Money From VertexTraders

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called VertexTraders, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, is a SCAM.

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VertexTraders is one of the cryptocurrency frauds out there. Unfortunately, there isn’t much dependability or success offered by the platform. This concludes our evaluation of

VertexTraders ( is a massive cryptocurrency scam, therefore don’t invest there. Numerous investors who had stakes in the platform have lost them. And for that reason, we must sound the alarm and defend our devoted readers.

The platform offers no worthwhile investments and is a total scam. After the withdrawal blockade, those who made investments with Vertex Traders are regretting their choice. Our thorough VERTEXTRADERS REVIEW has further information.

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VertexTraders’s profile

On its about us page, VertexTraders describes itself as a Bitcoin trading platform. The portal says it has traders from many regions. A site that claims to have trading professionals from all over the world is visible.

Pros and drawbacks of VertexTraders

Despite this, the platform’s history and backstory are unreliable. Instead, we observe a platform devoid of the hoopla that isn’t quite a terrible investment. Additionally, no user has revealed evidence of truly winning on the platform.

And because of this, we must utilise the platform as an illustration of how frauds operate. We will use VertexTraders, a fraud, to draw attention to the warning signs discovered. Those that dare to invest with the platform will be taken advantage of.

Reputation is essential when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the site lacks all openness and credibility. There is nothing in the past or present that would indicate any connection in the crypto space.

Most cryptocurrency traders are unfamiliar with the platform. There are solely bad reviews on the platform online. And that’s a sign that things will get worse. The platform isn’t even close to being an investment vehicle.

We understand some investors’ reasons for joining the platform. It has an attractive layout and site design. However, the platform’s difficult navigation makes for a poor user experience. Additionally, there isn’t enough information available about some of the characteristics to establish their veracity.

Before deciding on a platform, investors must conduct due diligence. Try to learn about other investors’ experiences with the site from them. You’ll be able to decide more wisely with its assistance.


Benefits and Drawbacks of VertexTraders

Any platform should be carefully considered before you sign up for it. Try to identify the benefits and drawbacks of such platforms. In the actual world, these are what make or break platforms.

We should call attention to a few telltale signs that VertexTraders is a fraud. Before investing with any site, it would be better if you started looking into such things. Sadly, the majority of red flags are frequently invisible to the unaided eye.

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Here are some specific advantages and disadvantages of

the tiers and accounts VertexTraders

Unexpectedly, VertexTraders doesn’t provide much information regarding the accessible accounts. As a result, since the platform only permits one account for all of its services, it’s a free fall. And that presents a challenge to uninformed investors.

The platform might profit from it. It does so because it omits providing the required minimum down payment. The platform states that the more money you deposit, the better your odds of winning are.

The minimum amount required on a reliable cryptocurrency investment site is $500. Instead, we have a platform that requests deposits from investors of up to $1,000. The platform intends to defraud investors because it is difficult to withdraw money.

Since there are no account features, nobody uses them. The attributes of the offered accounts are not mentioned by Vertex Traders. Leverage and spreads are not discussed in relation to the trading accounts.

We believe the platform also intends to seize control of your account. After making a deposit, traders cannot trade. Instead, the platform asserts that it will trade in your place. You ought to avoid the platform because there is a lot of unanswered questions.

Accounts for VertexTraders are unavailable

Account attributes
When it comes to leverage and spreads, it is important to be aware of these aspects in advance. Before starting, all traders must be aware of the available leverage. Our suspicion is that the site provides leverage of 1:1,000 for cryptocurrency products.


Given that regulators are opposed to it, that is a high level of leverage. On all trading assets, you may utilise maximum leverage of 1:100. Leveraged trading puts your position in danger. Therefore, we must avoid experiencing such highs.

Owner of VertexTraders

There is no information identifying the platform’s owner or operator. VertexTraders is now an anonymous cryptocurrency trading platform as a result. The very last thing to do should be to invest using an anonymous online site.

The lack of a forwarding address on the platform should raise an alert. Unfortunately, the platform’s owner prefers to keep his or her identity a secret. Investors’ lives are typically destroyed by these kinds of financial schemes.

The recovery of monies is one issue we have with anonymity. An anonymous website does not offer any means of money recovery. Without the owner’s information, the platform is free to launch and close businesses as it sees fit.

Even those that use recovery agents still lose money. These brokers are complicit in the fraud. The agents don’t assist in problem mitigation because they contribute to the issue. These agents are unable to block access to the platform’s bank accounts.

Bank accounts can only be frozen by regulators with a court order. The only goal of recovery agents is to steal your money. These agents are the last straw for you because they won’t help you get any money back.


Client reviews

On the platform, there hasn’t been any client testimony. Nobody from the investing community has publicly praised the platform. Instead, the platform has received numerous unfavourable reviews. Through articles and blogs, you can read about other users’ experiences.

It demonstrates how the site punishes investors by having zero positive reviews. The platform’s reliability is under doubt. Members are not treated with respect or openness on the platform.

Contact and client assistance

A live chat feature would be expected on a site for cryptocurrency investments. Unfortunately, because the platform does not have such functionalities, that will not happen. Instead, we have a system that prevents conversation and restricts it to writing.

The platform only provides a FAQ page in place of a contact page. It indicates that you never interact with the support staff. Another justification for avoiding the platform is that. There is no method to contact a real live agent for assistance.

Money stored with VertexTraders is secure. NO

Safety of funds and deposits VertexTraders
With a platform that does not safeguard its users, there is no deposit or fund safety. Additionally, your deposits won’t be covered by any insurance. Additionally, the site doesn’t separate accounts; instead, it keeps all of the money in one account.

Members are not provided with SSL encryption or DDoS protection by the website. The website is also vulnerable to attacks from outside parties. Your personal information is vulnerable to hacker attacks on the platform. So, we consider the platform to be a security concern for cryptocurrency investors.

VertexTraders License, Compliance, and Regulation
Rules for trading or investing are broken by VertexTraders. The platform is consequently non-compliant and has received warnings from numerous regulators.

Our judgement

Avoid visiting, please.

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