1. World Wide Brokers: How To Recover Money From World Wide Brokers

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a hedge fund called World Wide Brokers, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The FSMA also confirmed in their publication that WW-brokers.com is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, WW-brokers.com is a SCAM.

If you have been scammed and you are looking for ways to recover your money from World Wide Brokers, visit the Zorya Capital website at www.zoryacapital.com.

If you have been scammed and you are looking for ways to recover your money from World Wide Brokers, visit the Zorya Capital website

World Wide Brokers calls prospective clients at random to entice them to support their business. They make use of many phone numbers. Never leave your phone number or email address behind, we always urge investors. The con artists will continue bombarding your phone with tempting offers.

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Financial analysts and market authorities have taken notice of the company known as World Wide Brokers. Despite the entity’s attempt to appear sincere, there are several obvious warning signs. It is also obvious that this is a shady organisation. The website exists only to steal your hard-earned money.

Review of World Wide Brokers, World Wide Brokers Inc.

The organisation has two websites: worldwidebrokers.co and ww-brokers.com. The latter was shut down, and the one currently open is the sole one. Elon Musk is being used by con artists to promote their dubious enterprise. You should exercise caution because the majority of con artists utilise famous people to promote their businesses without their permission.

World Wide Brokers calls prospective clients at random to entice them to support their business. They make use of many phone numbers. Never leave your phone number or email address behind, we always urge investors. The con artists will continue bombarding your phone with tempting offers.

They assert that even without trading expertise, you can still make significant earnings. If you make a deposit, the dashboard will display enormous returns. Once you try to withdraw the money, the story will, however, change. They’ll make up a number of justifications for keeping the money.

Ww-brokers.com Review

Do Not Use Global Brokers. It doesn’t give a damn about your security. The Ponzi scheme has already cost money to a number of customers. If you choose to take a chance, your outcome will likewise be the same. Watch out for fake endorsements. People are being paid by the plan to say they have been paid.

The dishonest marketers claim to have made ludicrous profits. Avoid such endeavours as long as there is no evidence of payment or audited trade performance. You’ll only encounter negative outcomes. While you count losses, the promoters are collecting their huge commissions.

If you have been scammed and you are looking for ways to recover your money from World Wide Brokers, visit the Zorya Capital website

Avoid these con artists since they persist despite being blocked. Follow the counsel of World Wide Brokers’ victims and avoid doing business with them. Those who lost money allege it vanished into thin air.

Deal solely with the top forex trading firms available. These are sincere brokers who have helped several clients. Customers praise them for the wonderful work they do. Additionally, they prioritise the security of customer money. Join today to receive top-notch services.

Conditions for Trading with Global Brokers

Only for marketing purposes are the trading conditions of World Wide Brokers available. They completely deplete your account. A web-trader interface is used by the platform. There are not many options beyond the basic interface. The MetaTrader platform is preferred by seasoned traders.

The World Wide Brokers interface provides a few charting and indicator features. We reiterate that the presence of a trading platform does not ensure that investments will be made. The EURUSD pair has a 2.3 pip spread. Every lot will cost investors $23 in total. The legitimate businesses offer a 1.5 pip spread. Leverage is set to 1:400. Trading at the limit is dangerous, so exercise caution. Your account will not be affected by these trading conditions. Your hard-earned money is the aim of this pure Ponzi scheme.

Review of WW-Brokers.com and WW-Brokers.com Terms

The Ponzi scam primarily depends on its aggressive marketing approach. Unexpectedly, a wealthy man runs across a broker on the street. He offers to contribute $67 and assist produce $1000 while driving a Lamborghini. This trick is being accepted by gullible clients.

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Transfer and Deposit

When traders want a withdrawal, the company starts requesting a taxes fee. On the website, there is no mention of the costs. The majority of con artists use hidden fees, so this is nothing new to us. To keep all of the money you have earned, they act in this manner.

Information about credit cards is requested on the site. Never take a photo of your credit card or send it to a stranger. The other payment option also uses a variety of cryptos. Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are all accepted in the system.

Payments made with digital currency cannot be reversed. This technique is used by scammers since it allows them to remain anonymous. 75% of the quarterly maintenance charge is paid to World Wide Brokers. A 1% commission is due for each deal you make. Investors that take the bonus are required to trade 25 times the combined bonus amount plus their initial investment.

Naturally, not everyone will reach the transaction volume, and World Wide Brokers will keep the money. The regulatory bodies prohibit promotions and bonuses. This serves as evidence that you will be working with an illegal enterprise.

Contact information and customer service

Customer service at World Wide Brokers is poor. As soon as you start checking on the status of your money, the company stops communicating. Clients assert that after collecting their money, the organisation blacklists them.

You should not waste your time on a company that does not cherish its customers. To lure victims, the scam includes seductive movies and advertisements. These businesses primarily target new traders.

If you have been scammed and you are looking for ways to recover your money from World Wide Brokers, visit the Zorya Capital website

Red flags are obvious, and you don’t need any prior trading experience to recognise a scam when you see one. Contact information is not provided for the entity. The venture can only be contacted by email. If the corporation needs something, they will call you, but it is difficult for you to use the same channel.

People who have dealt with the organisation in the past say their experiences were poor. If you call the salespeople often, they start being unpleasant. Find better trading alternatives rather than losing money on a scam that has been uncovered.

State of Global Brokers Regulation

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the base of operations for World Wide Brokers. The management of investment plans is not under the jurisdiction of the local regulator. Therefore, any organisation conducting business from the Island is free to act however it pleases without being held accountable.

Financial watchdogs are not provided with daily transactional reports by offshore corporations. The fact that the money disappears when you try to withdraw it is one reason why you see such large returns on the dashboard.

Furthermore, World Wide Brokers have received a warning from the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). One of the trustworthy market watchdogs is the Belgian regulator. The corporation has no parent organisation. As a result, nobody is responsible for the entity’s flaws.

The advantages of selecting a regulated company are numerous. Enjoy fund security and reputable trading circumstances. If there is a disagreement, the authority can resolve it peacefully.

Global Brokers Fund Security

You cannot get capital safety from a platform that has been stolen from numerous investors. An atrocious Ponzi fraud is World Wide Brokers. Customers are also complaining to their regional authority about the company. Sadly, the owners of this website are cunning con artists. They did not leave any contact information.

As a result, it is challenging for the authorities to find scammers. No respectable bank is associated with World Wide Brokers. Therefore, clients won’t receive compensation during insolvency.

In May 2022, World Wide Brokers was formally registered. The webpage has been available for a while. The website receives questionable traffic. Money will be lost when the organisation shuts down. Avoid participating in the plan as a result.

Final Conclusion

A Ponzi scheme named World Wide Brokers has been revealed. The swindle cost many people their hard-earned money. The trading circumstances are also abhorrent. Additionally, when you read the withdrawal conditions, you will be astounded.

Select the top forex trading organisations rather than doing business with dubious entities. You can receive the finest profits with the aid of any trustworthy brokers. These businesses have existed on the market for a long time. creating a solid reputation as a result.

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