1. Atradez: How To Recover Money From Atradez

Investors are supposedly being offered a trading solution by Atradez. Additionally, they offer clients training materials to help them become more knowledgeable traders. The day traders are their primary target market. Customers are guaranteed huge success and wealth. You can do all of this by adhering to the brokers’ plan.


In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called Atradez, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that  Atradez is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  Atradez is a SCAM.

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Review of Atradez and Atradez Company

The portal also caters to inexperienced traders. those who are new to trading. The only way to develop the necessary skills is with strict instruction. Investors, according to the company, can make thousands of dollars a day. Customers are just need to put up effort and commitment on their part.

There would be no incentive for us to work if trade were as simple as scam artists portray it to be. Everyone would be having fun and taking a holiday. In the end, the economy would crash. Scammers provide illusions about mares. Even if the falsehoods seem so sweet, you will suffer when their scheme fails.

Some of these con artists have no prior trading experience. They only create appealing websites and load them up with sales material. Those who are seeking for quick money scams have only themselves to blame. Even the top forex investing plans cannot guarantee what Atradez is offering.

Review of Atradez.pro

Atradez omits to mention the financial professionals it collaborates with. There might not even be experts, which would explain why the organization doesn’t give credit to the professionals on staff. Investors have a right to information about the individuals handling their funds. The regulation also requires brokers to act in complete openness.

The names of the parent business, financial advisors, and account managers must therefore be provided by the companies. This way, if things go wrong, the authorities will know who to pursue. Always put your own safety first. Never accept an anonymous plan. They ultimately fail to complete their task, violate the rights of customers, and cheat people.

The only audience for Atradez’s educational course is new traders. Expert traders will not benefit from the knowledge. Customers can talk to experts in their trading chat room. From traders who share their interests, investors can learn. A live audio feed is also available. The investors can hear “Ahmed Zamzam.” We have no idea who he is or why our customers need to believe anything he says.

Scammers frequently create fictional personalities to appear trustworthy to potential victims. The truth is that you cannot rely on a dubious company to produce passive income.


Atradez’s Trading Policies

The business claims to have a live streaming stock scanner but does not reveal its plan. Users of the program can locate all of the lucrative business chances. Additionally, a weekly video market analysis is sent by the broker.

Binary options and cryptocurrencies are both traded on Atradez. Due to the substantial dangers associated with the assets, the latter has been outlawed in many jurisdictions. Trading items are not binary options. Investors must predict whether the price will rise or fall. Price analysis is not regarded as an investment activity.

Dealing with overseas companies makes things worse. The con artists will still find a method to influence the pricing even if your supposition is correct. Trading with reputable investment firms is the only method to stay away from con artists.

Atradez offers several trading strategies. The minimum deposit for customers is $1,000. The ROI varies between 30% and 70%. The maturity timeline is sadly not stated by the company. For all we know, it could be days, months, or even years. Scammers frequently give inaccurate information to satiate their avaricious demands.

Atradez.pro Deposits and Withdrawals

The payment options may not be known to us. Atradez, a mysterious entity, may receive payments through selections that prevent users from submitting chargebacks. There is no terms and conditions statement on the platform. Therefore, they have the ability to hit customers with unintended fees.


Review and features of Atradez.pro

Unlicensed platforms have been known to demand taxes and other nefarious expenses in the past. The information won’t be made public until after the client requests the withdrawal. Cashback cannot be obtained once a deposit has been made. Investing with reliable sites gives you assurance. You can be sure that your money is secure.

Contact information for customer service

Atradez employs a phony business address. We have examined tens of thousands of such fake businesses, so this is nothing new to us. For the sake of transparency, they set up random addresses. Fraudsters are not stupid to break their cover by revealing their whereabouts to the authorities and their victims.

Both a phone number and email address are absent for the broker. There is no way to fix the problem if you have any flaws. Different phone numbers are used by ponzi scams to contact potential consumers. Their sales agents are persuasive. You can find yourself registering even if you don’t plan to deposit any money.

They are initially cordial and expert. When you become aware that anything is off, things will change. If you question them, the same people will turn unpleasant and unscrupulous. They ultimately block your phone number. The crooks are tough to track down. To receive professional and top-notch client services, invest with reliable and honest brokers.

Atradez’s Status in Regulation

Atradez deceives the public by claiming to be operating legally. The Financial Conduct Authority is said to have granted the company a license (FCA). One of the best market regulators is the financial watchdog. To obtain the license, a business must invest 730K EUR in operating capital.

Because few people can afford the sum, fraudsters favor offshore locations. They are not required to adhere to any rules. The financial organization keeps an eye on the brokers’ trading operations. Daily opening and closing account transactions must be reported.

Scammers can’t take the chance of disclosing their trade results. This is so because the majority of them don’t trade. To lure in additional victims, they just create fictitious statistics. Atradez lacks any official papers. When they attempt to collect their money back, their consumers will experience surprises. Taxes and other unspecified fees will be incurred.


In addition, the site doesn’t partner with an established financial organization. They might be units designed to withstand market volatility. Furthermore, the platform will let clients down when they expect it. Invest in reputed investment plans that abide by the guidelines established by regulatory agencies. Better trading conditions are offered by them. Additionally advantageous are their withdrawal terms, and you can get passive revenue.

Final Conclusion

An offensive Ponzi scheme is Atradez. Investors’ money is not worth it for the platform. The company is operating erroneously. They guarantee high returns, but no one has publicly displayed their profits. It is reasonable to presume that no one has ever used their dubious platform. A market exit will eventually be made by the plan. Those who went on the adventure with them must assess their losses and move on.

To recover your money from Atradez, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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