1. BitTrade: How To Recover Money From BitTrade

BitTrade is a business that strives to give investors a better investing experience. Those with hectic schedules can leave investment management to the platform. The registration procedure is said to be simple. However, make sure you do enough research before signing up with them.


In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called BitTrade, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that  BitTrade is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  BitTrade is a SCAM.

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Review of the BitTrade Company

We are unable to trust the broker due to a number of warning signs. The platform, for instance, is not transparent. They don’t offer trading outcomes. As a result, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the promised returns. The personnel who will be trusted with managing your account are also anonymous.

How will you know whether they are competent? With BitTrade, taking a risk will get you into trouble. The organization purportedly trades indexes, digital currencies, and foreign exchange. These are risky investments. However, con artists will attempt to convince you that they can mysteriously make you wealthy overnight. To generate reliable earnings, you must be a skilled trader.

Choosing a trustworthy broker is also very important. Here is a list of some of the best and most reliable cryptocurrency investing plans. These are businesses that offer top-notch customer support. They are committed to meeting the demands of their clients.

Bidtrade.net Review

With intriguing discounts, BitTrade is a broker that investors find appealing. According to the business, there are no commissions or fees. As a result, customers can enjoy their money. To protect the money of investors, the company says it has implemented unprecedented security procedures. Your only source of assurance should be the platform’s partnership with a top-tier 1 bank.


Sadly, this plan does not separate individual accounts from corporation accounts. The customer has little recourse if they choose to use the stolen money. Additionally, trading data is not secure. Never give ambiguous companies access to your sensitive information.

Additionally, BitTrade offers a training course. The center’s goal is to educate clients about trading. They guarantee a crypto trading experience that isn’t significantly better than that of its rivals. Coming from an unidentified source, this is a strong assertion.

The business doesn’t give enough details about its trade activity. The business merely boasts that it has a wide range of resources. Customers can diversify their portfolios using the goods. They are said to transmit profitable trading signals. Their analysis team looks for successful businesses in the market.

We are unable to verify the accuracy of the statement. We have yet to come across anyone who has profited from this site. There are no customer references to back up the signals’ profitability. Avoid the broker; such businesses don’t last long in the market.

Trading Conditions for BitTrade

BitTrade promises that there are no unstated costs. They provide an online trader interface. Users are promised a seamless trade experience by the company. Even the most recent market news and real-time data tables are provided. Users can also view their recent results and daily performance. The assertion is ambiguous.

Review of Bidtrade.net, Bidtrade.net Broker

There are no audited trading results available from the broker. Giving them a chance would be foolish. A $250 deposit is required to open an account. You are automatically eligible for a welcome bonus. The prospect may appear to be a generous and alluring offer. To ensure they keep the money you deposit, scammers, on the other hand, generally provide bonuses.


Statistics on BitTrade show how much money 12 of its top traders have made. The platform has an average victory rate of 81.04%. The assertion serves no purpose. To attract new clients, the business exclusively extols the virtues of its offerings. We can only see the EURUSD spread, which is 0.8 pips, because the leverage information is absent. It is an acceptable cap, but we don’t think the venture will let users use it.

Transfer and Deposit

Investors have access to wire transfers, MasterCard, Visa, and bitcoin as payment options. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm whether the company actually accepts the payment methods stated.

There is no terms and conditions policy for BitTrade. Therefore, we are unaware of the conditions that customers must satisfy in order to withdraw money. Additionally, the broker is giving bonuses. Customers must comply with unrealistic trading conditions in order to take advantage of these profitable chances. The volume of transactions on BitTrade is unknown to us.

The UK banking watchdog also prohibits investment schemes from offering bonuses. The broker is deceiving investors by claiming to be operating legally. In addition, the organization’s domain name was just recently registered. The business plans to be in the market for just one year.

The platform’s website receives little visitors. This demonstrates that no one is considering hiring them. If you give them a chance, you’ll be the test subject. You will become yet another victim of a Ponzi scheme.

Contact information and customer service

A platform called BitTrade runs out of a covert location. There is no office address or other way to reach the company. If you have a weakness, it is impossible to get help.

Every type of organization is aware of the value of having a strong support staff. To easily contact the business, a phone number is given. The group is also courteous and professional.

Time is completely wasted on BitTrade. Investors will be left in the lurch when they leave the sector. Additionally, it is impossible to find them because the broker maintains complete anonymity.

Regulatory Status of BitTrade

Ironically, the platform wants investors to think they are protected from negative account balances. Whether you make a profit or not, unregulated businesses don’t care. In most circumstances, they’ll take more money than you initially put. There is no openness. They will promise one thing, but then fall short of fulfilling it.

BitTrade claims to be FCA-licensed. This is merely a tactic, though, to make sure they pick up additional victims. The platform does not have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. We looked through its database, but there was no match. As a result, the broker is unjustifiably pursuing British investors.


The business, however, does not submit its daily transaction report to the relevant regulator. As a result, they can wind up tampering with the market norm. Investor money is frequently held back by offshore companies. Unfavorable withdrawal terms that they had not previously specified will be disclosed.

The legal paperwork might also be modified to meet the platform’s narcissistic demands. The 730K EUR capital threshold set by the FCA is out of reach for BitTrade. Users won’t be compensated if the business declares bankruptcy.

Final Conclusion

BitTrade is an illegal website. There are no legal documents for the company. They are functioning in an area that is unknown. There are too many red flags with the broker to ignore them. The platform offers a straightforward trading interface. Additionally, the company lacks any past client testimonials or trading results.

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