COTP Safe Miner

1. COTP Safe Miner: How To Recover Money From COTP Safe Miner

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called COTP Safe Miner, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, is a SCAM.

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COTP Safe Miner

To keep customer funds in its system, COTP Safe Miner is making every effort. The safety of the funds is unimportant to the platform. To separate the accounts of traders, they are not doing so in collaboration with a reliable financial institution. Furthermore, the programme makes no use of cutting-edge mining equipment or technology.

A cryptocurrency business called COTP Safe Miner guarantees customers a 3.3% daily ROI. Is it feasible to make this much money in such a short period of time? Sadly, it is not possible. The time when you could instantly become a millionaire is long gone. What’s worse is that this business is connected to a well-known Ponzi scheme that just recently failed (COTP).

Review of COTP Safe Miner, COTP Safe Miner Organization

The shadowy figure expressly denies any connection between the two. We beg to differ, though, as all available information indicates that the individual behind these Ponzi scams is one and the same. If you choose to try the company out, you won’t get paid anything.

The earning procedure is simple. Investors merely need to accept USDT trading and link their wallets. Once you register, specify how many tethers you wish to invest. Then turn on the bots to work their magic. You can afterwards withdraw the money the software earned. Sound simple, huh? Everyone would be trading if earning money was as simple as these programmes claim. Review

The webpage layout for COTP Safe Miner is ambiguous. To recognise this as a scam, you don’t need any special abilities. The information available about the company’s offerings is limited. They merely assert that they are miners, but which token do they specialise in?

Investors should be aware that payments made using cryptocurrencies are untraceable. Digital currencies respect confidentiality. The public cannot access the account holder’s information. Additionally, after making a cash deposit, you cannot make a chargeback.

To keep customer funds in its system, COTP Safe Miner is making every effort. The safety of the funds is unimportant to the platform. To separate the accounts of traders, they are not doing so in collaboration with a reliable financial institution. Furthermore, the programme makes no use of cutting-edge mining equipment or technology.

COTP Safe Miner

It is advisable to conduct a careful study before investing your hard-earned money in any site. Otherwise, you’ll only end up giving your money to inexperienced people. We have done the research and have located some of the top cryptocurrency trading firms for you. These businesses are reliable and honest. On their site, they provide comprehensive information about their goods and services. Examine the terms and conditions to determine if they satisfy all of your requirements.

Who founded COTP Safe Miner?

The broker’s ownership details ought to be simple to find. Investors have a right to information about the credentials of those handling their money. Sadly, COTP Safe Miner operates only behind closed doors.

Review and Features of

Scammers use this strategy to prevent the law from taking action against them. Ponzi schemes do not aim to provide ongoing services. They will close the business as soon as they detect no money is entering their system.

Legitimate brokers, on the other hand, praise the superior services provided by their team. Their wealth of experience helps the business expand. Additionally, since they follow the law, they have nothing to conceal.

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Having just been founded, The Domain Insight COTP Safe Miner is a young business. indicates that the firm was registered in May 2022. Nothing establishes the broker’s legitimacy. There are no performance or client reviews already in existence.

It is preferable to select a reliable business that has been in operation for some time. If not, you’ll be the test subject. The Telegram group is where the platform conducts the majority of its illicit operations. They contact random individuals and make alluring promises.

Does COTP Safe Miner Work?

Scammers are becoming more prevalent on the market. The COTP Safe Miner is a shaky organisation. The entity makes the pretence that it is mining but keeps its mining method a secret. The mining software and equipment being used are unknown to us. Furthermore, it is uncertain where their mining farm and servers are located. It can be difficult to determine whether the organisation is using cloud mining.

No proof that a corporation is mining cryptocurrencies exists. Any venture with them will inevitably result in losses. Additionally, mining operations are costly. It is challenging for individuals and small-scale miners to buy mining equipment. So they decide to join already-established mining pools.

Furthermore, COTP Safe Miner omits to describe how they split electricity and mining costs. They only offer a 3% development fee, which is subtracted from investment profits. The daily profit of 3.3% is unreachable owing to different market circumstances.

Cryptocurrencies are erratic. What you earn now won’t determine the outcome tomorrow. The market’s course cannot be predicted. The scheme’s creator is a cunning con artist. A 12% referral bonus is also offered. You receive a commission for each new member you successfully persuade to make a deposit with the organisation. The practice of promoting goods and services via unauthorised platforms is unethical. Your referrals will hold you responsible for their losses if the programme fails.

COTP Safe Miner Commission and Returns

No other business will give you such a high ROI and commission. Real brokers hardly ever produce returns of more than 2% every day. Additionally, COTP Safe Miner is devoid of a workable investing mechanism. Additionally, the referral incentive is 12% of the USDT that the person you refer deposits.

Why doesn’t the corporation withhold proof if it can produce a high result? There are no current favourable evaluations of the plan. The broker has no prior mining experience. They will have a system failure when you least expect it.

COTP Safe Miner

Contact information and customer service

Sadly, COTP Safe Miner does not offer contact information. The nation of origin is unknown. The business hasn’t made any investments in customer service, either. If there is a problem, you cannot get to them. You will typically discover a phone number and an email address with credible schemes.

They promptly respond to customer inquiries as well. Ironically, despite promising ludicrous returns, this scheme cannot afford top-notch support services. Avoid them because the people controlling the business are solely interested in serving their selfish desires.

Regulatory Status of COTP Safe Miners

Money is gathered by COTP Safe Miner from nations all over the world. Although there are no restrictions, the broker disregards the demands of several regulatory agencies. Financial watchdogs have been established in numerous nations to safeguard citizens against dishonest businesses. Therefore, any endeavour that wants to raise money from the general public needs to have a large amount of capital.

The money act serves as evidence that the plan can operate profitably without misappropriating clients’ money. It also demonstrates the broker’s ability to resist market volatility. The issue is that no one is in charge of monitoring the offshore corporations’ operations. Therefore, determining if a platform is really investing your money is impossible.

There is no legal documentation for COTP Safe Miner. We are not aware of the conditions that clients must satisfy in order to withdraw money. The programme can easily impose hidden fees. Never put your trust in such platforms since they withhold your money.

Final Conclusion on COTP Safe Miner

The fraud COTP Safe Miner has been discovered. They have attempted to steal from investors in the past. Despite the scheme disputing assertions that it was the same scheme, the platform was formerly known as COTP. The organisation lacks a licence. They are not, as they claim, mining cryptocurrency. Cash deposited into their system will inevitably result in a big loss.

Choose a trustworthy crypto corporation rather than wasting money and effort with a shady organisation. You can make passive money without putting yourself at risk from con artists. These organisations have

The Capital Co ( provides international financial fraud investigative measures aimed at helping victims of financial scams recover their money. The Capital Co ( was founded to protect and help victims of investment scams with the assistance of sophisticated asset recovery specialists globally.

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