1. FCS Markets: How To Recover Money From FCS Markets

False information about FCA registration is used by FCS Markets (fcs-markets.com). The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) then raised the alert as a result. The platform has frequently exploited fictitious registration information. FCSMarkets is a trading platform clone that defrauds investors. We think it’s a new forex exit scam waiting to rob investors by putting up withdrawal roadblocks. It’s already taking place. Please read our clear FCS MARKETS REVIEW for more information.

FCS Markets

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called FCS Markets, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that  FCS Markets is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  FCS Markets is a SCAM.

If you have been scammed and you are looking for ways to recover your money from FCS Markets, visit the Zorya Capital website at www.zoryacapital.com.

Zorya Capital provides international financial fraud investigative measures aimed at helping victims of financial scams recover their money. Zorya Capital was founded to protect and help victims of investment scams with the assistance of sophisticated asset recovery specialists globally.

Regarding FCS Markets

On its homepage, FCS Markets claims to have more than 5 million subscribers, demonstrating its rapid growth. Most traders would be aware of it if that were the case. But sadly, it isn’t the true because the platform uses fabrications to entice investors.

FCS Markets

Pros and Cons of FCS Markets

We can tell the folks behind it are knowledgeable about forex trading right away. Not so much when it comes to building websites for forex trading. We suspect it was a hasty effort because of several inexperienced errors.

The platform makes use of a website with a dark look that is unrelated to forex. Additionally, using the website is a hassle. The results are that you lose your entire deposit, making the user experience much worse.

FCS Markets is not a trustworthy forex trading platform by any means. Other regulators will soon follow suit and publish cautionary statements on using the platform. To safeguard our devoted readers, we must expose the store for what it is.

On the “about us” page, the platform makes a commitment to the community and business. However, the history and antecedents of the platform are not clearly organized. The platform lacks any firm support within the sector.

Before investing with any platform, experts advise conducting due diligence. Before investing money, try to look up other users’ experiences. You can get in touch with us and ask us to do a review on your behalf.

FCS Markets accounts

Three trading accounts are available from FCS Markets, each with a unique characteristic. These three are Platinum, Gold, and Beginner. Additionally, each of these accounts targets a distinct user demography. These are the benefits that encourage investors to join the platform.

Here are the accounts in advance;


the account designed for novice or beginning traders. To get started, you must deposit a minimum of €250. Spreads begin at 0.0 pips, and the highest leverage is advantageous at 1:30. There are no transaction commissions and decimal pricing is five.


There is a €5,000 minimum investment requirement for owners of gold accounts. Maximum leverage available on the account is 1:300. The maximum deposit amount is €24,999, and each member receives three trading instruments.


A minimum deposit of €25,000 must be made to the account. Members receive three trading instruments, with commissions each trade starting at €1 per lot. The major audience for the account is institutional traders. Members do, however, receive the false promise of copy trading support.

FCS Markets

FCS Markets accounts

Account Details
It makes no sense to use the platinum account’s leverage of 1:500. Your trading position is put at risk by the platform, particularly when using the predetermined trading instruments. We observe a platform challenging predetermined leverage positions.

The maximum leverage was set by European regulators at 1:100. The maximum leverage available to retail traders in the US is 1:50. In each jurisdiction, the only assets with higher leverage are digital ones.

Nevertheless, the platform does not offer honest trading conditions. Despite offering a demo account, it lacks the complete functionality of a trading platform. Another class of buy/sell option is the demo account.

Members are unable to fully test the platform’s established circumstances using the demo account. We must therefore disclose the qualities of the store. These are, at best, difficult trading circumstances intended to take advantage of investors.

The spreads on some of these assets make it difficult for investors to trade. Investors must use special caution because commissions per lot are also a concern. These are a few of the problems that jeopardize your job.

Money is not secure at fcs-markets.com.

The site offers five different kinds of trading instruments. These include equities, indexes, currency, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Each account is limited to using three trading assets.

FCS Markets

You have the opportunity to exchange goods like cotton, crude oil, metals, natural gas, etc. Sadly, the platform omits to mention the cryptocurrency pairs that are accessible through the accounts. Our best guesses for the available cryptocurrencies are Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, DOGE, and Bitcoin.

The main activity on the platform is forex trading. However, it appears that the site only provides three pairs. Three important currency pairs—EUR, GBP, and USD—are used in your trading. Members don’t diversify their risks by using foreign or insignificant currencies.

Indices are essential to day traders’ ability to make a living. DAX, Dow Jones, FTSE, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, and other well-known indices are only a few of the best to look for. Additionally, you get to trade on the biggest commodity market in the entire globe.

Since the beginning of commerce, shares have existed. As a result, you get a chance to briefly own a portion of the business. The tech behemoths Apple, Google, and Microsoft are just a few of the shares to look for.

owner of a business

Nobody’s ownership or management of the platform is disclosed. Only erroneous assertions that the platform was registered in London are made to us. There is no such entity, according to the Company Register.

FCS Markets is now an unregistered, anonymous trading platform. For obvious reasons, you shouldn’t invest in an anonymous platform. Members are not permitted to withdraw money from these organizations.

It is unlikely that money will be recovered from an anonymous platform because the owner keeps money there. The majority of these anonymous platforms keep their money in foreign banks. These bank accounts cannot be frozen by recovery agents.

Members cannot recover cash without the assistance of regulators or a court order, which takes time. The best defense is to stay away from such platforms. Verify the business registry information with the appropriate authority.

Conformity, authorization, and registration Markets FCS

Is FCS Markets registered or licensed? NO

The trading platform FCS Markets is not authorized or registered. Since it’s an exit scam, anyone who use the platform to invest will probably lose their deposits. Regarding using the platform for investment, the British Columbia Securities Commission has issued a warning.

Investors have double problems with fcs-markets.com because it is not only anonymous but also unregulated. You must first verify that a platform is properly registered with the authorities. Without registration, the site is not subject to any legal restrictions.

Consult regulators like the FCA, ASIC, BaFIN, BCSC, CNMV, CONSOB, and CySEC. A few more trustworthy regulators are the CFTC, FINMA, NFA, and SEC. These are the top available regulators.

Safety of funds and deposits Markets FCS

Money coming from a platform that doesn’t separate accounts is far from secure. All money is kept in one offshore account by the owner. No member will be paid if the owner decides to end the business.

The platform does not provide insurance coverage for made-up deposits. Another justification for avoiding fcs-markets.com is that.

FCS Markets’s final thoughts

AVOID GOING TO FSC MARKETS, PLEASE. To recover your money from FCS Markets, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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