1. FiboTraders: How To Recover Money From FiboTraders

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called FiboTraders, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, is a SCAM.

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CNMV has issued a warning against trading with FiboTraders. By reading our Fibo Traders Review, please avoid

Here is yet another warning from CNMV on FiboTraders. Following the onset of withdrawal attempt blocking by, the regulator judged the platform to be deficient. As a result, the majority of platform users have been unable to access their accounts. And that’s a major problem with the online trading platforms of today. There is no way to get money back if a platform decides to close an account. Here is what our interesting FiboTraders REVIEW revealed.

When investing in the forex markets, you must have a trustworthy forex trading tool. Specialists advise using trustworthy forex trading robots that have been validated by experts. Keep ahead of the competition by using these robots.

A Synopsis of FiboTraders asserts that it provides a variety of trading instruments on its about us website. The site, however, falls short of informing users about their background and history. Your reputation on any online trading site is crucial.

FiboTraders Review: Advantages and Drawbacks

The site makes an effort to keep its reputation hidden from inexperienced investors. It produces a captivating website that appears to be the ideal place to invest. FiboTraders is not, however, your chosen trading platform.

Numerous investors regret registering with the platform. These victims went to the authorities for assistance after the platform barred withdrawals. Because of this, CNMV issued a platform cautionary warning.


We advise you to avoid such platforms if you ever have the chance to. These websites just care that users deposit as much money as they can. Trading with the intention of eventually losing money is irrelevant.

We consider it our responsibility to disclose these incidents and shield naive investors because they have increased. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available regarding the brokers who claim to use these systems. Once the blockade is in place, these brokers will probably receive a portion of the balance.

We advise doing your homework on any trading platform before investing. Next, make an effort to determine what powers the platform. The sole incentive to use a platform to keep secure in the world of online trading is for that reason.

Benefits and Drawbacks of FiboTraders

Before registering with any site, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages. As for what to employ with such platforms, be careful to verify with authorities. You must put money into systems that give you easy access to withdrawal options.

Additionally, the platform must provide advantageous trading features. Having a reasonable minimum deposit and maximum leverage is what we mean by this. The platform must also offer investors safety nets. These boxes must be checked in order to confirm regulation.

What you need to know about’s benefits and drawbacks is as follows:

The tiers and accounts FiboTraders

The FiboTraders website offers a choice of five different account kinds. These accounts often target various classes of investors. Check these accounts carefully, paying close attention to their trading capabilities.

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Traders FiboAccounts


Investors must deposit $500 to open this account, which is the most basic. Members can leverage up to 1:100 while taking advantage of common swap features. Additionally, spreads are common and the account has a specialised account manager.


Investing in the extended account requires a $5,000 initial deposit. Leverage starts at 1:200, and members receive up to 10% off on swaps. Members also get daily trade signals and exclusive access to groups.


The gold account, according to the company, is designed for active traders. Leverage begins at 1:400, and members take advantage of individualised educational meetings. To open the gold account, you need to deposit $25,000.


The account, which is ideal for serious traders, guarantees subscribers individualised services. Members receive exchange discounts of up to 50% and leverage of 1:400. Expert level spreads are available, with a 1:100 minimum deposit.


It is considered to have the best trading rates among top-tier accounts. The minimal deposit, however, must be quoted over the phone. The account is geared toward corporate clients. Cashback and trade savings of up to 90% are among the features discovered.

Account attributes

It is necessary to draw attention to the platform’s unfavourable elements. These include high leverage and an unsatisfactory minimum deposit. The bare minimum deposit that can be made on any licenced trading platform is $250.


Additionally, you are not provided with a demo account to evaluate the trading platform. However, as a general rule, traders should test out a platform with a demo account. By reducing dangers, it ensures them of certain trading qualities.

Account executives

These are hired call agents rather than actual account managers. Typically, the call agents phone members and offer lucrative available employment. The caller wants you to add money so they can hold the position for you, so you should jump in, they stress.

The calls stop when you accidentally send additional money. The account manager is promptly replaced by a new one by the platform. Sadly, attempts to contact the original account manager are unsuccessful.

Assets that are accessible and trading tools

On, five different asset classes are accessible for trading. These include equities, indexes, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. You can trade things like crude oil, natural gas, sugar, wheat, and other commodities when you do so.

Money at is it secure? NO

We don’t receive cryptocurrency pairings from the platform. The platform appears to pair popular cryptocurrencies against one another instead. So you also get big currencies like the USD and EUR matched against Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The main trading activity on the platform is actually forex trading. The trading platform matches currencies of different sizes. They are USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and GBP. Sadly, the programme does not support any minor currency pairs.


The largest market stage in the world depends on indices. You can trade with many indices, like the DAX, Dow Jones, FTSE, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, and others. Day trading also gives traders the opportunity to determine the prices of international goods and services.

Trading in stocks has been practised for many years. Shares of top corporations from every conceivable industry are available on the marketplace. Stocks from the manufacturing, tech, textile, and other industries are among them.

Options for withdrawal and banking’s platform has multiple depository channels, making deposits quick. These consist of wire transfers and banks. The platform promises to launch a crypto depository channel shortly.

Your biggest challenge will be taking money out of the site. But regrettably, the platform appears to prevent all attempts by users to withdraw money. Because of their unfeasible trading conditions, we must flag Fibo Traders.

Company owner

Since no one is aware of the owner, FiboTraders is likewise an anonymous trading platform. A legitimate trading platform will be open and provide details on pertinent parties. Even the staff profile is missing for those employed by the platform.

Conformity, authorization, and regulation FiboTraders
License Warning for CNMV FiboTraders

There is no complaint against FiboTraders, although CNMV has issued a warning. Therefore, please avoid using such platforms.

Contact and assistance

Do not anticipate any interaction or assistance from such a platform. There is no method to contact a person or use live chat assistance. We must therefore make the platform for restricting member communication parts public.

Security of funds and deposits with FiboTraders

Your money is not secure, and the platform does not provide investors with a safety net. As the owner retains all funds in a single bank account, there is no segmentation of accounts.

Final judgement

Please avoid dealing with FiboTraders.

PS: Use trustworthy forex trading robots that offer all-encompassing trading solutions.

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