1. Interacinvestor: How To Recover Money From Interacinvestor

According to Interacinvestor, their company has won awards. They claim to have won awards for applying innovation, having the greatest support staff, and providing the best crypto services. The organization making the audacious claims cannot afford to recruit experts. The journey to the support is a major nightmare.


In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called Interacinvestor, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that  Interacinvestor is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  Interacinvestor is a SCAM.

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The Interacinvestor Company: Interacinvestor Review

Additionally, the organization lacks trading software. When they claim to use a cutting-edge platform, they are lying. People who sign up with a broker in the hopes of earning passive income are in for a nasty surprise. Furthermore, why does the company not publish trade performance if it is as profitable as it claims to be? Statistics are the basis of investment, and without confirmed outcomes, we can only assume the worst.

Expert and inexperienced traders are both welcome at Interacinvestor. Professional investors almost never fall for the claims made by con artists. Our biggest worry is that the broker accepts clients from more than 170 different nations. The company is operating erroneously. Nothing can stop the fraudsters from taking all of your savings because they don’t take into account the established rules.


Invest exclusively in the best certified cryptocurrency projects available. These are organizations that have existed for a long time. They also have great terms and conditions. You can count on them to generate fair returns.

Interacinvestor.com Review

A business that takes pride in working with experts is Interacinvestor. They instruct investors on how to spot profitable chances. The team is not given credit in the scheme, though. It should have at least published their photos and credentials. Trust is fostered by openness. Investors have a right to know who is responsible for looking after their money.

The company claims to have more than 200 cryptos. The client has the option of holding or exchanging the tokens. Users’ data is also securely preserved. Never give your information to shady characters. The information might be used against you or sold to criminals.

Additionally, Interacinvestor provides teaching materials. Investors will receive sufficient understanding from the content to enable them to become effective traders. Before registering an account, you must conduct in-depth research on a company. This would spare you from having to cope with

InteracInvestor Trading Rules

The MT5 trading platform is allegedly available through Interacinvestor. It turns out that this is yet another untruth. The interface download link is absent. Even allowing users to familiarize themselves with the demo account is a sign of a trustworthy company. Your time is not worth investing in a broker that has a working platform.

A reliable piece of software is MetaTrader. Clients can trade instantly thanks to it. Additionally, the platform has sophisticated visualizations and tools. The better indicators and VPS monitor the orders of investors. The software is incredibly popular among traders.


Five trading accounts are available from Interacinvestor. They don’t get into specifics about the commission, spreads, and assets that are offered. Information on the terms of trade must be made available by investment businesses. The leverage, which ranges from 1:100 to 1:600, is the only thing present. The cap is risky, and market volatility might cause investors to lose everything in a blink of an eye.

Review of InteracInvestor.com and its features

The platform could only provide leverage of 1:30 if it were legitimately operating in the UK, as it claims to be. The scheme is an unlicensed business that breaks the law. Swindlers will convince merchants to only consider the bright side of things. The risks associated are not disclosed.

Additionally, Interacinvestor seems to be rewarding clients for trading. These might appear to be profitable prospects. You should be aware that the money is technically the broker’s property. For traders to be eligible for the withdrawal, they must reach irrational trade volume requirements. Additionally, the financial bodies do not permit businesses to give bonuses. It is yet additional confirmation that the company is an unlawful business.

Interacinvestor.com Transfers and Deposits

Regarding the minimum deposit, there are conflicting claims. While the amount is $500 on the FAQ section, the account section says traders can deposit $250. With respectable brokerages, such errors are virtually unheard of. Furthermore, much better companies in the sector allow you to trade for as little as $10.

Payment options accepted by Interacinvestor include credit card, wire transfer, and bitcoin. Offshore businesses will attempt to keep the money on their website. They will therefore only make payments through channels that prevent investors from initiating chargebacks. Their main priority is to be stealthy to avoid being discovered.

Traders who join the company might anticipate fees. However, the broker keeps the true cost of the fees a secret. Customers have a right to understand their obligations before committing. It is necessary to give adequate withdrawal and deposit statistics.

Contact information for customer service

The platform’s customer support is said to be available 24/7. The business argues that it is a global scam. They are open to everyone and have no restrictions. All inquiries are appreciated by the corporation. However, email is the only way customers may get in touch with the company. Both a phone number and a social networking website are absent.

According to InteracInvestor, the company is based in the UK. There isn’t a particular location, though. The size of the nation is well known. The data is merely being displayed by the offshore scam to lure in new victims.

If you don’t hear back from the team, don’t be shocked. When con artists realize they are out of money, they cut off their clients. You can only get top-notch customer care from real businesses.

Status of InteracInvestor’s Regulation

An organization that maintains anonymity is Interacinvestor. There is a lack of information on the founder and the parent organization. In the world, there are a lot of regulatory organizations. They were established to safeguard investors from interacting with con artists. Strict regulations apply to the watchdogs. For businesses to obtain a license, they must follow the rules.

The enterprise should be listed in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) database since it leads us to believe it is based in the UK. A simple glance at the website reveals that the company is operating in violation of the law. Brokers are required by the body to deposit 730K EUR in capital. The bulk of con artists lack the necessary funds. They finally decide to establish their businesses in foreign countries.


A scheme’s substantial capital is evidence that it can operate profitably despite market volatility. Additionally, it ensures that the plan won’t misappropriate traders’ money. Interacinvestor, regrettably, operates alone. Daily opening and closing trade results are not reported. As a result, they can end up showing false market prices to trick traders.

Another broker based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines seems to be Interacinvestor. In this area, there are no regulations governing investing firms. By being sent to another scam venture website after clicking on the company’s legal papers, you can see how unprofessional the business is. This supports our assertion that con artists never stop operating. Instead, they invent fresh domain names and revise their fantasies.

Additionally, the enterprise declares that it is subject to Seychelles laws and regulations. Investors will be the only ones to suffer losses if the program fails. Platforms that are legitimate pay traders in the event of bankruptcy. Additionally, they offer negative account balance protection, which offshore businesses do not take into account.

Final Conclusion

Interacinvestor is a fraudulent business. There is no market regulator that oversees the offshore plan. The broker is operating unlawfully, and they will eventually leave the market. The security of investor money is seriously in jeopardy.

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