1. KardonCapital: How To Recover Money From Kardon Capital

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called KardonCapital, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that kardoncapital.com is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, kardoncapital.com is a SCAM.

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KardonCapital behaves in a similar manner to numerous rogue brokers. It exudes a cool atmosphere that serves to hide the plans that are being planned around every corner. In essence, this is extended to thousands of brokers who operate similarly, making KardonCapital a simple flock member. We have seen everything there is to know about this broker.

The most prevalent registration process in use informed us that we would be examining a typical shady broker. The user area and the web trader are both subject to the same rules. All of these components are common to many broker scams.

The exchange site gives away equities, commodities, indices, currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies. The leverage maximum is 1:300, while the gap between the EUR and USD is 0.7 pips.

According to its website, KardonCapital is a forex and CFD broker situated in the Netherlands. It provides simple access to forex and CFDs with leverage up to 1:200 and a top-notch trading platform. In actuality, this trading website isn’t any different from the thousands of other dubious brokers we’ve examined; they’re all anonymous, unregulated, and almost certainly involved in fraud.

Overall, there isn’t a single justification for making a deposit with KardonCapital, thus we can only suggest that you avoid doing business with them. But if you still need persuading, read the entire review.

Anonymity and lack of control at KardonCapital

KardonCapital is reluctant to divulge details about itself. We are forced to add the broker to our increasing list of alleged scams because the few valuable items we did find (such as the address in the Netherlands) appear to be fake.

You should be aware that unregulated brokers like KardonCapital, who provide fictitious addresses on their websites and hide any ownership details, frequently defraud traders since they are virtually untraceable and shielded from potential legal action.

We advise our readers to avoid KardonCapital and businesses similar to it because of this. There are several respectable and well-regulated brokers available, such as those with licences from the European Union, the United Kingdom, or Australia. They ensure that they are not operating a scam and offer fantastic protection for the security of your money. We’ll take a quick look at the EU’s regulatory structure to illustrate that.

All businesses offering online trading services in the EU must have a licence from the most well-known national regulator in an EU Member State, CySEC. Licensees who want to obtain such authorisation must have at least €730 000 in liquid assets to demonstrate they have what it takes to operate in the markets without going bankrupt. Price-fixing and other forms of similar manipulation are almost impossible because they must also give all of their client’s negative balance protection, hold client monies in separate accounts, and report on open and closed trades regularly.

There are many more reasons to invest with one of these brokers; if you’re curious to find out more about reputable EU brokers, go here.


The trading platform of KardonCapital is unreliable and not even branded.
A basic web-based trading platform is provided by the broker; it is not even branded with the broker’s logo. Take a look at how simplistic the design and features of this software are:

Of course, the inadequate web platform and the sophisticated MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 cannot be compared. Due to their dependability, user-friendly design, and valuable features, the MT4 and MT5 have become the best in the business. The software’s Expert Advisors and one-click trading options have made it popular, but there is much more to explore, including the possibility to develop your own trading bots and indicators using the platform’s coding languages and the MQL marketplace for trading apps.

The unpleasant trading conditions at KardonCapital

Even if a broker’s regulatory standing is more crucial, we’ll nevertheless mention a few things regarding KardonCapital’s actual offer.

First, the broker’s Mini account type has a $500 minimum deposit requirement, which is double the size of the industry standard. Second, KardonCapital offers leverage up to 1:200, which is too high in the eyes of the majority of regulatory agencies, which have prohibited offering such sums to retail traders. And that restriction is quite sensible given that high leverage can magnify both gains and losses.

Last but not least, KardonCapital provides Standard accounts with a EUR/USD spread of 2 spreads, which is no longer regarded as a competitive price. For this pair, the majority of trustworthy brokers offer spreads that fall between 1.0 and 1.5 pips.

Regulation of the stock market and the safety of funds

The provisions are subject to Marshall Islands legislation, according to the terms and restrictions. This nation is a haven for scammers and brokers. One reason is that there is no regulator there, making any claims linking the company to the islands meaningless. And second, the laws of the nation permit almost anyone to establish a business there without ever setting foot inside the country.

The legal documents frequently avoid using the word “law” in a typical offshore brokerage style, which translates to a lot of talks but no action at all. It all being ambiguous is a common strategy used to perplex users.

Out of all places, the Netherlands is the broker’s contact address. The Authority for the Financial Markets is the governing regulatory body there, but KardonCapital is undoubtedly not regulated by them, as we are certain of. KardonCapital is consequently functioning from the Netherlands without a formal permit if it is registered there.

It goes without stating that KardonCapital is a hoax, a risk to everyone, and an unlicensed business.

The market business would undergo a profound change if someone were to uncover a justification for investing in unregistered brokers. Your money will be spent, though, on unlicensed businesses in the interim. They just care about stealing money and using it for their personal gain. Similarly regulated brokers, whose objective is to offer a consistent, secure, and fair trading environment.

Although there are many more excellent licensors out there, we advise choosing any brokers that are governed by the UK, EU, US, or Australia. Financial watchdogs are in charge of maintaining the market sector as a whole and are what maintain everything. Without them, fraudsters would proliferate. Place your faith in them because we have!


Seem familiar? Even if it doesn’t, it still appears to us to be extremely familiar. Since we have examined hundreds of brokers, this is actually one of the most widely utilised web traders out there, and who knows how many more may have escaped our notice.

The platform is still insufficient and does not qualify as a professional terminal, even though it does offer some basic functionality. Its key selling point is its attractiveness, which attracts less experienced users.


There was no method to invest through the user area for whatever reason that is unknown. For lack of a depositing area, we might infer that KardonCapital is probably clinging on for dear life. Or, as a result of a protracted solicitation campaign on the part of KardonCapital, it may only reveal the payment area to a select group of users who have agreed to invest.

Whatever it is, we must copy all the payment information as well as the withdrawal information from the website because there were no withdrawal alternatives. Keep in mind that because the broker is unlicensed, nothing we say here is probably accurate.

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The required minimum deposit is $10,000, per the website. This is unquestionably excessively high, impractical, and most likely quite misleading, which, if true, suggests that the broker is insufficient.

According to the website, customers can invest using wire transfers, debit cards, and credit cards as payment methods. We assume that users cannot withdraw at all because the site contains no information about withdrawals. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because clients shouldn’t have been investing in this place, to begin with.

KardonCapital is not worth your time or money and poses a danger to any investors.


The hoax continues to operate in the same manner as it did at first. Since its beginning, very few modifications have been done.

The user is initially drawn to one of the numerous web advertisements that offer money and prizes, or he can be persuaded by an email sent to him by the broker. If these sound too good to be true, the consumer will investigate the broker’s website out of curiosity and either fall for its offers or realise right away that it is all a scam.

In order for the con artists to keep tabs on the user, the broker will ask for some kind of contact information from them. The client will then be pressured to make as many investments as possible, however, once initial payment is made, users are typically more likely to make more investments.

The user will eventually feel the need to see part of the promised money and will request a withdrawal; this is inevitable. The broker has now successfully misled his way through a few investments. The broker will use every tactic at its disposal to delay or reject the withdrawal request once it has been submitted. The user will have a very difficult time getting his money back in any case.

The user has more than enough time to initiate a chargeback because VISA and MasterCard have increased their chargeback periods to 540 days. The best chance to get your money back is through this.

We recommend individuals who have been victimised update their bank account password and user name as soon as possible if the money invested was made through a bank. They should next get in touch with the bank’s support staff and explain the situation.


Investments in cryptocurrencies are the riskiest since they cannot be tracked. If the broker chooses to refund you, only the broker may do so.

Zorya Capital provides international financial fraud investigative measures aimed at helping victims of financial scams recover their money. Zorya Capital was founded to protect and help victims of investment scams with the assistance of sophisticated asset recovery specialists globally.

To recover your money from Kardon Capital, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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