1.Meta Gold Capital: How To Recover Money From Meta Gold Capital

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning to Meta Gold Capital (metagoldcapital.com). After the platform began making false claims about FCA regulation, the regulator judged the platform to be lacking. To further aggravate the situation, the platform tries to thwart any withdrawal attempts. We must expose the store for its questionable deception because of this. Money cannot be taken out of MetaGoldCapital by anyone. Here is what our lucid META GOLD CAPITAL REVIEW revealed.


In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called MetaGoldCapital, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that  MetaGoldCapital is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  MetaGoldCapital is a SCAM.

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Concerning Meta Gold Capital

You won’t come across any reliable material on the history and background of Meta Gold Capital. Instead, it appears that the platform is luring investors with claims that it offers a variety of trading instruments. We notice a platform that boasts of offering profit levels unsurpassed by any trading platform as a result.

Review of Meta Gold Capital: Positives and Negatives

When you examine the platform more closely, you can see how well it conceals investor-set traps. We will assist in exposing these platform red flags thanks to our keen eye. Therefore, stay away from MetaGoldCapital investments to prevent becoming their next victim.

Those who have used the platform to invest frequently have a depressing tale to tell. No financier has publicly praised the platform. So don’t think of making a withdrawal from the site once you fund your account.

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Although the website metagoldcapital.com may appear interesting to some, it is not to us. The color scheme of black and yellow has nothing to do with FX trading. Additionally, there is too much to do because the software does not offer complete trading solutions.

The difficulty of navigating the website is due to the lack of necessary information. The platform makes every effort to keep such information from investors. We must expose the shop for not offering any reliable trade solutions.

Due diligence is advised by professionals before investing in any platform. Try to understand what drives a platform. The only way to guarantee that no one misuses your money is to do that. You can get in touch with us and ask us to do a review on your behalf.

The benefits and drawbacks of Meta Gold Capital

Any investment opportunity must be weighed in terms of its benefits and drawbacks. When investing with Meta Gold Capital, the same situation applies. The majority of investors typically don’t discuss the account features or trade terms.


We are here to accomplish just that. should make an effort to provide the greatest analysis on metagoldcapital.com. Those who have used the site to invest would have recognized the flaws immediately. But regrettably, some of these warning signs are very cleverly concealed in what appear to be the platform’s advantages for trading.

Here are Meta Gold Capital’s benefits and drawbacks.

Regarding the several account kinds that are offered by Meta gold Capital, information is hazy. The account page types are not consistent with the platform’s home page. We provide three different account kinds on the homepage.

Tiers and accounts Accounts Meta Gold Investment

There are two sorts of accounts on the account page. We refer to these procedures as loopholes. No professional trading platform would appear to be that ambiguous. There are three different account types: Lite, Extra, and Premium.

Let’s examine each of these three accounts in more detail;


This commission-free account is ideal for beginning traders. All trading assets have a 1:100 leverage ratio as of today. You can trade with instantaneous execution, and social trading tools are also accessible.


The account appears on the list as the commission-free account. Additionally, you get tight spreads and immediate execution. There is no estimate for a reasonable minimal deposit. Additionally, you are unaware of the trading tools that are accessible on these accounts.


All trading instruments have a leverage of 1:300 because the account is categorized as ideal for experts. Since the account has no commissions, there are no swaps. The premium account also comes with social trading tools.

Account details

The platform does not specify the permissible minimum deposit, that much is certain. Of course, you would anticipate that the platform would include the ideal quotation on this, but there isn’t. And that leaves room for interpretation regarding the proper balance.

You will receive a call from the platform claiming that the more money you deposit, the better your chances of winning. Unfortunately, these statements are untrue because the platform doesn’t provide information on the minimal balance.


Regulators concur that a minimum deposit of $250 is reasonable. Less expensive trading systems are available. Therefore, you must exercise caution and make sure that no trading platform exploits you.

The platform’s stated maximum leverage is yet another glaring flaw. In Europe, regulators have decided that 1:100 is the highest permissible leverage. Leverage for retail traders in the US is set at 1:50.

It’s unfortunate that the platform doesn’t offer a demo account. The platform should provide a demo account, right? These accounts aid traders in evaluating the features’ veracity and testing them. With metagoldcapital.com, this is not the case.

Money at Meta Gold Capital is secure?
Money at metagoldcapital.com is it secure? NO

Your money is not secure because the platform doesn’t separate the accounts. Additionally, the site does not submit to regulators the minimal sum needed to launch a trading operation. These resources are required to warn the public about bankruptcy and insolvency.

Therefore, traders are not covered by insurance for their deposits. Additionally, the platform is at fault for failing to separate accounts. It’s becoming clear that the owner keeps all of his money in one account.

monetary resources and trading tools
The site offers five different kinds of trading instruments. And among them are equities, indexes, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and FX. You can locate commodities like sugar, natural gas, and crude oil.

Finding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, DOGE, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple is possible. These cryptocurrencies are paired on the platform against other popular pairs and each other. Due to the erratic nature of assets, it’s an excellent way to trade with cryptocurrencies.

The largest activity on the platform is forex trading. Major and minor currency pairs are offered on the platform. These include well-known currencies like the USD, EUR, and GBP. Other currencies consist of AUD, CAD, CHF, JPY, etc.

The portal features indices like the DAX, Dow Jones, Nikkei, etc. Trading in stocks has been around for a while. The site sells shares of top businesses across many industries, including manufacturing and technology.

An entrepreneur

There isn’t much information available to identify the platform’s owner or operator. And given that the site is anonymous, this leads us to wonder about its purpose. For obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want to invest in an anonymous platform.

Rarely do traders have access to complete withdrawals on anonymous sites. It also makes it challenging to get money back from these services. You must stay away from that when making investments through MetaGoldCapital.

Despite having an Indian phone number provided on the homepage, we believe the platform is offshore. This is due to the fact that such platforms employ call agents who function as platform traders. Therefore, you won’t even be able to view the profiles of the platform employees.

Steer clear of MetaGoldCapital investments.

Conformity and Permit Meta Gold Investment

The trading platform known as Meta Gold Capital is not authorized or regulated. As a result, the Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning.


Final thoughts

Examining the features reveals that trading with metagoldcapital.com has a significant level of risk. Avoid the platforms that authorities have cited. To recover your money from MetaGoldCapital, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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