1. QuickFxTrade: How To Recover Money From QuickFxTrade

Binary and cryptocurrency trading are both supported by QuickFxTrade (quickfxtrade.com). It also asserts to provide additional cryptocurrency investments. Quick FX Trade investments are risky, and you risk losing everything. Most members who made deposits on the platform now regret doing so. For the past few weeks, none of them has had the opportunity to withdraw money. And that’s a problem we need to bring to light. In our thorough QUICKFXTRADE REVIEW, you’ll find the facts.


In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called QuickFxTrade, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that  QuickFxTrade is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  QuickFxTrade is a SCAM.

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A Quick Review of QuickFxTrade

The fact that the website is a one-page trading platform doesn’t surprise me. And that indicates a lack of professionalism. Even though there is only one page, navigation is difficult. The platform attempts to put every piece of information on one page, but that merely adds clutter.


Pros and Cons of QuickFxTrade

Additionally, the platform’s origins and history are absent. Your reputation is crucial when trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. It appears, regrettably, that the platform doesn’t want anyone looking into their background.

You want to discover which platform advances your trading as an investor. The platform should be well-established and have a good standing in the neighborhood. With quickfxtrade.com, that is not the case.

The majority of the data on the platform barely touches the surface. And that suggests a platform with no transparency or credibility. It is challenging to put our money on such a site.

The layout of the website gives us a good idea of why investors might be drawn to such a platform. It is delightful to look at due to the design appeal. The goal of the creators is to capture the interest of gullible investors.

Before making an investment in a platform, experts advise doing some study on it. That entails inspecting and testing it from the inside. Before investing money, be sure to consult others about their user experiences.

QuickFxTrade’s benefits and disadvantages

As an investor, you must examine the advantages and disadvantages before selecting a platform. You take a risk when the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Unfortunately, Quick FX Trade is not like that, and the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.

We must draw attention to various warning signs on the station. These are the snares that the platform’s owners employ to deceive investors into making deposits. Unfortunately, some of these traps will fool you since they appear professional on the site.

Here are quickfxtrade.com’s benefits and drawbacks in more detail:


Quick FX Accounts Trade

The available accounts on the platform are not mentioned by the platform. The platform instead provides a single account for all services. And that indicates that the platform aims to rip off investors.


The platform does not include any features that would suggest account features. As a result, unless you create an account with the platform, you are unaware of the minimum allowed deposit, for instance. And for that reason, investing through the site is a major problem.

An account type can accommodate many investor types. There should be a value-added component to each account. Unfortunately, Quick FX Trade only wants investors to sign up and deposit money, therefore that is not the case.

QuickFXTrade accounts

Account attributes

From what we’ve seen, there is no discussion of leverage or spreads for trading products. We think that the platform has a high leverage ratio of more than 500:1. Platforms that offer significant leverage are not acceptable to regulators.

In Europe, a maximum leverage of 1:100 is permissible. The maximum leverage available to retail traders in the United States is 1:50. Your position is at risk if your leverage is high. High leverage is only ever used sparingly and only by professionals.

Additionally, we don’t see any demo accounts like you would on a trading platform. Of course, you would anticipate some demo accounts given that the platform also advertises binary options. However, since the platform wants you to believe all they say, that is difficult.

Account creation procedure

We did discover several worrying aspects when creating an account with the platform. The platform follows the same procedure as any other platform for opening an account. Members can open an account by entering their information first.

The platform begins misleading users once the account has been opened. The platform will hold your account verification request until you select the withdrawal tab. Important documentation must be sent by members to validate accounts.

A copy of your ID, credit card, and bank statement are among these papers. There are other means to authenticate a person, thus we don’t understand why this is necessary. For instance, the platform might authenticate accounts using a two-factor authentication procedure.

From what we can see, the platform is collecting user banking data. Your information will probably be sold by the platform to outside parties. You start to receive a ton of spam emails as a result. Your contact information has already been sold by the platform to email marketing campaigns.

Money is secure with QuickFxTrade.

With a platform that doesn’t segregate accounts, there is no way that monies are secure. We believe the owner has all of the money in an account overseas. Additionally, the platform does not provide a safety net in the form of insurance coverage for client deposits.


Protection against negative balances is not possible on the platform. Additionally, the website lacks SSL encryption and DDoS protection. As a result, there’s a possibility that third-party assaults will take place and your information will leak.

Money is secure at quickfxtrade.com? NO

Trading binary options

Even though they promise to offer binary options trading, the outcomes are poor. The platform offers a buy/sell binary trading option. When investing through the platform, you are not provided with any tools.

company owner

There isn’t much information available to identify the platform’s owner or operator. We are therefore probably working with an anonymous platform. The last thing you should do is deposit money on a platform that is anonymous.

Such platforms have the drawback that money cannot be recovered. Employing recovery agents results in greater financial losses due to the fees. Since they obtain your information from the site, these agents are also complicit in the fraud.

The recovery agent initiates contact after you have paid for it. The agent will then get in touch with you, claiming to have defeated the platform in court. Then, all you need to do to receive a portion of the settlement is pay the attorneys’ fees.

As these agencies are involved in the scam, don’t pay any money for legal fees. The agents cut off all communication after you accomplish this. These agents, according to a recent investigation, are the last straw for you.

Customer feedback and evaluations

You might anticipate finding some online platform reviews. There are only bad reviews, that’s it. Nobody seems to give the site credit for facilitating profitable trades. Therefore, the platform did not receive positive feedback.

Is Quick FX Trade granted an IFSE license? NO

Docility and Authority QuickFxTrade

The trading platform QuickFxTrade is not authorized or regulated. Therefore, if you call regulators, they won’t help you. You did participate in an unregulated platform, after all. Falsely claiming to be in compliance with multiple regulators, the platform.

Final judgment QuickFxTrade

Please refrain from contacting Quick FX Trade. To recover your money from QuickFxTrade, consult the asset recovery experts at Zorya Capital, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact Zorya Capital now.

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