1. Towardssource: How To Recover Money From Towardssource

TowardsSource, a platform for trading bitcoin and foreign exchange, anticipates providing investment services. The company offers customized investment instruction to traders. They also claim to provide an award-winning platform that can assist you in achieving all of your trading goals. However, in order to begin making money, they insist that you register an account immediately away.


In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called Towards Source, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that  Towards Source is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts,  Towardssource .com is a SCAM.

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The company claims to give beginning investors the finest opportunity to gain market knowledge. Before investing, there are several more factors to consider. We underline the ambiguity it reveals as a result in this unbiased evaluation of TowardsSource. As a result, you will only lose money if you invest in the platform.

These forex trading companies use reliable strategies, so you can count on them to offer respectable results. Without excellent strategies, your experience investing would be unpleasant because the market is not simple. On the website, there is hardly any useful information regarding how the business operates. Any savvy investor will also immediately recognize the red flags it raises and steer clear of the company.

TowardsSource lacks a sound strategy to outperform the fierce competition in the market. The company guarantees the best investing experience imaginable. Additionally, they promise that users will have access to information about various financial markets.


Examining TowardsSource

Towardssource.com promises sustainable investing services to all types of traders. Beginners should, however, plan on finding informative seminars or video lessons. Inexperienced traders are not allowed to work for the company. They lack any useful educational tools that could help them understand and develop more market knowledge. Additionally, scammers use standard investment lingo, and you may get free information on these subjects online. Without a full understanding and academic knowledge of the market, investing is not advised.

Users of Towards Source’s software are not informed of the algorithm it employs. You incur the risk of spending money on tools that might not always yield a return. Additionally, automated investment services are chosen over human ones since they do not associate trading with emotions. Claims concerning cutting-edge technologies are routinely made by con artists. As a result, investing in these companies might result in either incredible riches or financial loss.

There is no mention of Towards Source’s founders or staff. Additionally, they don’t provide any qualifications to demonstrate that you solely trust experts with market knowledge. You also face the risk of depending on trading recommendations from those who don’t understand how the market works.

How Towardssource.com Works

All traders can benefit from Towardssource.com’s user-friendly platform and expert coaching. Due to the company’s anonymity and unethical business practices, you cannot trust its services. Toward Source appears to be a con man. Therefore, expecting any sort of preferential treatment is ridiculous. The company provides one-click trading and real-time market information. The way it operates, though, makes no sense at all.

Additionally, they’ll use a variety of strategies to persuade you to make sizable deposits. Huge profits are promised by the company, which are impossible on well-known platforms. Furthermore, they provide a 100% bonus on the first deposit. However, scam companies frequently use this as a marketing strategy. You hardly ever have access to the prize money, even after finishing the chores it gives.

Review of Towards Source and Towards Source Features

Towards Source is likely to stop corresponding with you once it has your money. They can also stop you from utilizing any of the services it offers. Furthermore, there is no evidence of any successful transactions. They bragged about how long they had been in business. Nevertheless, without proof of trade activity over a few months, it is impossible to determine the returns to be expected.

Even yet, it’s still conceivable for Towards Source to be in the red, and this deters potential customers. The recommended trading platform for investment services, MetaTrader, is incompatible with the investment firm. You can access its services via a variety of mobile devices and by downloading apps from the Play Store. However, depending on its web trader exposes you to external attack danger. The news analysis on Toward Source is provided by sketchy, unreliable third parties.


Cash protection at the Towards Source

Towards Source provides no explanations for investing even a single dollar in the business. The security of your money is another important consideration. However, the investment industry raises a number of red flags that could serve as a warning against continuing to engage with this shady blocker. Their lack of transparency makes their promises even more speculative. Additionally at risk is your money. Personal data may fall into the wrong hands.

Since Towards Source does not have access to bank information, your money will be secure. Moreover, the unsung heroes who operate it can wind up accumulating wealth in their private accounts. There is no evidence that any transactions made by its clients have been successful. There are more negative than positive reviews of the company available. Towards Source does not provide a demo account for users to try out the services and get acquainted with them before committing real money.

Withdrawals and Deposits at Towards Source

$10000 is the minimum investment required by the business. However, this figurine is quite pricey considering the red flags it raises. There are many ways to add money to your account with the business, including bank transfers and MasterCard Maestro. Therefore, wire transfers and cryptocurrency transactions are final. Therefore, for chargebacks up to 540 days, debit or credit should be used.

You cannot get your money back from Towards Source if you are dissatisfied with their services. The company does not specify how long it takes to process withdrawal requests. Con artists will also come up with methods to keep your money for a long time. They finally disappear after taking your money. You might, however, run into significant commission costs. But you won’t be able to access your cash.

Consumer Assistance

The Towards Source customer service page is not very clear. The company withholds the address of its place of operation. As a result, there is uncertainty in the contact support it provides. Using the form on the business’s website, you can send them an email. What really matters, though, is if you get a response to your inquiry.

Additionally, engaging in customer service work fosters stronger trust between you and the company. Without good customer service, Towards Source anticipates finding it challenging to develop a user-friendly interface. Your questions should be swiftly, if not immediately, responded to. The company may potentially stop contacting you after receiving your money.


Regulation of Towards Source in Progress

Towards Source is not governed, and they provide no evidence that they are. There don’t appear to be any trustworthy watchdogs keeping an eye on the company. As a result, offering investing services without also complying with regulatory criteria is illegal almost wherever you go. Unregulated platforms hardly make it through the market before infringing any trade laws they see fit.

However, the high level of transparency displayed by these licensed forex trading companies makes it simple to find and verify the information they provide with the appropriate authorities. Scammers frequently incur speedy insolvency as a result of their failure to pay regulation costs. The corporation withholds all information regarding the founders due to the prospect of criminal charges being brought against them.


Final Verdict

The synopsis on the Towards Source website is awful and contains no helpful information. Therefore, when investing in the platform, you do so at your own risk. They don’t offer any trading data that may be utilized to calculate returns.

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