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1. TriumphFX: How To Recover Money From TriumphFX

In recent times, we have had a lot of complaints about a fraudulent platform called TriumphFX, it has been brought to our attention that there’s a fraudulent scheme going on there with the aim to steal from investors. The IOSCO and FCA  also confirmed in their publication that is a scam platform. Just to clear any doubts, is a SCAM.

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TriumphFX is a business that has received a warning from financial officials in Singapore and Indonesia. You run a high chance of losing everything if you invest in the plan. The business has several warning signs.

Investors are guaranteed by TriumphFX to trade safely. Customers are given confidence by the business. According to the business, it cultivates a secure investing environment to empower clients. Simply opening an account is all that is required. The key concern is whether the organisation will fulfil its promise, though. Such platforms typically wind up leaving the market too soon.

Review of the TriumphFX Company

The business engages in the trading of indices, commodities, and foreign exchange. These goods are flammable. You will therefore occasionally make money and sometimes lose it. There isn’t a middle ground. Legitimate platforms minimise losses while increasing returns. To succeed in the market, you’ll also need to have the necessary talents.

Trading sounds like a game for children when compared to Ponzi schemes. Some people fail to disclose the risk. Online learning resources come in many forms and are beneficial. Therefore, before investing, make sure you gather all the necessary information.


TriumphFX welcomes customers from all around the world. Not discriminating against potential investors is a positive thing. The platform, however, has not tried to abide by the established regulations in the area. The traders they are mostly after are from Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK.

An SSL certificate for the broker is present. Hackers are prevented from accessing customer data. Unfortunately, when you knowingly give scammers access to your data, this should be the least of your worries. They may use it to trick you into making additional deposits of money or sell the information to criminals.


This anonymous platform will not produce any positive outcomes. Choose some of the top forex trading brokers instead to invest with. These organisations have a solid reputation for reliability and competence. They collaborate with experts as well. Real-time returns are given to customers.

Owner of TriumphFX?

It is imperative to be aware of the parent company’s founder before deciding to partner with a broker. TriumphFX, however, is a platform that thrives on secrecy. Without knowing the individuals in charge of the entity’s fund recovery process, nothing can be done.

Investors should avoid using brokers who don’t identify themselves. The names of their team are published by reputable businesses. praising them for their excellent effort Financial agencies also make it obligatory for platforms to operate in complete openness. Customers’ confidence is also increased knowing their money is secure.

Despite this, sources identify Hemes Leong as TriumphFX’s owner. He is a Singaporean fraudster who has already been imprisoned. Leong had ties to the project to build the Singliworld pyramid. Ponzi schemes never leave the market without planning to return. They only make minor website design and domain name changes. They can now steal from more innocent people with ease.

Since January 2008, Domain Insight has been available for purchase. The venture has ample time to deliver trade performance. Sadly, there is no evidence that the company offers investment services. There is conjecture that the founder is Malaysian.

The entity receives a high 76% of traffic. Their financial story seems to be interesting. TriumphFX is registered in Vanuatu, according to a document. The form, however, is unnecessary and does not vouch for the legitimacy of the business. Scammers use bogus goods to convince clients that they are operating legitimately.

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Trading Terms for TriumphFX

The broker offers Standard, VIP, and Islamic trading accounts. The initial down payment is $100. For the EURUSD pair, the company promises a spread of 1.6 pip. Leverage is 1:500, which is greater than what is often permitted by regulatory watchdogs. High gains or devastating losses can result from having a large cap.

There is a metatrader4 interface for TriumphFX. The software is the very best available. It has a number of cutting-edge features. Sadly, it has the name of another company. The fund manager’s profit is split with traders by the broker.

TriumpFX.Feature, TriumpFX.Review

The business runs an affiliate scheme. You receive a 5% incentive for each user who registers using your referral code. In addition, there is a residual referral commission for members who suggest clients who make a $3000 deposit. The platform makes use of a single level of compensation. You will be on the referral chain radar at the top. Three levels below than you are. The first, second, and third levels are those.

It implies that you will gain from everyone connected to the person you invited. It produces some sort of limitless reward. A 20% commission will be yours at stages 1 and 2. Levels 3 and 4 have 10% rewards, levels 5 and 6 have 5% commission, levels 7 and 8 have 3% reward bonuses, and levels 9 and 10 have 2% commission.

You can get wealthy overnight by only taking part in the affiliate scheme. The plan is unworkable. Additionally, no goods and services are being provided. You’ll need to persuade folks that the entity is deserving. You will be held accountable if they incur losses.

Contact information and customer service at TriumphFX

Each type of business includes its contact information. It makes it easier for customers to access the plan. Sadly, TriumphFX is a completely anonymous company. There is no office address, contact information, or email. You can’t get in touch with the company if you run into any problems.

You shouldn’t accept a broker who doesn’t place a high priority on great customer service. Companies in good standing respond promptly. They are reachable by phone and collaborate with experts.

Is Money at TriumphFX Safe?

TriumphFX is, regrettably, a shaky platform. Investors are not given fund safety by the business. However, the business asserts that it is authorised. The broker asserts vehemently that Seychelles’ Financial Service Authority (FSA) has approved its offerings. On the website, they even provide a licence number.

Unfortunately, the information is incorrect. The business of the corporation is unlawful. To keep its accounts separate, a respectable business must collaborate with an established financial institution. It will not be possible for you to withdraw any money you deposit on our website.

Moreover, TriumphFX has received a warning from Malaysia’s regulatory body (SEC). Back in 2020, the organisation suspected the organisation might be a hoax. It is surprising that the broker is still operating today. Any platform that offers services in any jurisdiction must first obtain a licence there.

Even more stringent regulations apply to jurisdiction in nations like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Malta than in offshore areas. While a broker must deposit $20 million in capital in the US, only 730,000 euros must be done so in the UK. The sum serves as a guarantee that the platform will withstand market turbulence. Additionally, it shows that the company won’t waste clients’ money.

Traders have a chance of getting paid by the company in the event of insolvency. The main issue with con artists is that they will abandon you completely. Security concerns for clients are unimportant to TriumphFX. While you still have the chance, leave the exposed scheme alone.

Clients’ testimonials for TriumphFX

TriumphFX asserts that it is a lucrative broker, yet there are no recommendations from current clients. We have yet to see audited performance reports or payment documentation. However, investors should exercise caution when reading online reviews.

Smart fraudsters frequently utilise misleading information to attract new clients. Even unidentified strangers are paid to post favourable remarks. They also make use of fabricated reviews that are typically posted on websites.

Final Conclusion on TriumphFX

TriumphFX is a business that has received a warning from financial officials in Singapore and Indonesia. You run a high chance of losing everything if you invest in the plan. The business has several warning signs. A blind eye toward them will only have negative effects. A deadly gang of con artists run the business.


Make sure the forex trading company you choose to invest with is reliable. The terms and conditions set forth by the licenced brokers are explicit. The withdrawal conditions are reasonable. No problems will arise if you ask for a cash-out.

The Capital Co ( provides international financial fraud investigative measures aimed at helping victims of financial scams recover their money. The Capital Co ( was founded to protect and help victims of investment scams with the assistance of sophisticated asset recovery specialists globally.

To recover your money from TriumphFX, consult the asset recovery experts at The Capital Co (, with an excellent record in fund recovery, your case won’t be an exception. Contact The Capital Co ( now.

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